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Welcome back to another installment of Indie Comics Showcase! We’re up to issue #19 and this week I’m covering for the esteemed John Lemus while he gets caught up on some much deserved personal time. Now let’s dive right in!



First up it’s a book that only has 5 days left before the campaign ends and they need your help! If you’re a classic wrestling fan, or just a fan of fun comics, you really need to check this out. 

The pitch: The greatest wrestler of all time, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, is back with a fun story where he fights to save the world from the tyranny of Ruth S. Heel. Roddy is a talk show host by day and vigilante by night that will stop at nothing to bring his brand of justice.

This is a passion project for Dominic Riggio, long-time pro wrestling fan, comic book writer, and owner of Mess Bucket Comics, the publisher for this comic series. Erik Hodson is the illustrator, known for his fantastic wrestling art depicting wrestlings’ biggest stars in classic comic book covers. Erik has provided exclusive artwork for Mick Foley as well as

This book is set to be distributed through Pro Wrestling Tees and has been approved by Roddy’s widow Kitty Toombs (Kitty also appears in the book). This is much more than an independent comic book series with incredible distribution from Pro Wrestling Tees. This is a a way of preserving Roddy’s legacy in the most fun way possible. To quote Kitty “You can’t keep a good man down!” Dominic and Erik have been grinding away on the Independent comic con circuit for nearly a decade and all over the country. They have given up an incredible amount of time, money and “normal job” careers to pursue a dream to make a living with their art. This opportunity is of the highest importance to bring you a fun and deserving Roddy Piper story… but more importantly Erik and Dom are true fans of Roddy.

Check out this Indiegogo campaign here!



Lance Rousseau‘s Grizmok Deli: #1 After Hours comic has only two weeks left in his all or nothing Kickstarter campaign. It tells the story of a neighborhood deli that serves meats and cheese by day, and you by night. A gory horror comic that might be too tough to stomach. This first issue focuses on a boy (Kurz) struggling through life, mourning the abrupt disappearance of his brother. Time has passed, and everyone in town has oddly moved on. Strangely enough to question their motives. Bizarre incidents suddenly arise, and all fingers point towards a deli nearby.

Grizmok Deli Issue #1: After Hours is a 28 page fully colored book with approximately 22 pages of comic, and 4 pages of bonus content which includes; concept art, process images, character bios, and much more. Click here for a free preview of the first ten pages online and then be sure to check out the campaign here



Ross Bampfylde is creating a science fiction tale that spans space, time and consciousness. It’s a story set in the far future aboard the Starship Mayflower. In its first incarnation as a cruise liner, holiday hologragher Jack finds himself amongst a deep criminal conspiracy when he takes a picture of the wrong passenger at the wrong time. Meanwhile something weird is growing in the ship’s vineyards. Centuries later, with the ship in pirate hands, Captain Featherstone must travel deep within the vast ship to confront the mythical Green Man who has forced a collision course with Earth…

The creator, Ross Bampfylde, is the writer and illustrator and his graphic novel is set aboard the Starship Mayflower. Ross grew up reading comics titles such as 2000AD and those by Marvel UK, his favorites being Nemesis the Warlock, Transformers and Death’s Head. Since then he has considered battling robots, far future spaceships travelling at astonishing speeds and scientific ventures gone wrong some of the coolest themes possible. Throwing in some adult interests of his into the mix that Bampfylde would describe as: ‘Ullysses 31 meets Transformers The Movie (1986) via Sideways’

In addition to filling a gap left by the lack of action-led high-stakes cyberpunk science-fiction in comics, Ross is hoping that contributors will help him achieve his life-long dream of creating his very own graphic novel from start to finish – something he has meticulously planned out and is currently producing in his spare time as a family man. Check out the campaign for Chateau Obsidian here!



We want to announce this brand new campaign that just kicked off, it’s The Knox and it’s described as Ocean’s 11 meets the A-team in “full on action comics glory.” This 60 page comic by Andrew Anderson and Ron McCain tells the tale of a squad of soldiers who have had a string of bad luck since returning home from Vietnam. One lost his legs, the other lost his store, and the others aren’t doing too well either. They hatch a plan to rob Fort Knox. The robbery was the easy part, but getting away with it is going to be the hard part. Cutting deals with the mob isn’t the easy street that it sounded like and betrayal is around the corner for all.

This is the first of many works Ron and Andrew have planned. Ron’s been in the business for a while, and Andrew read some of Ron’s books that he worked on while he was growing up. Years later Andrew would break into the industry doing indie books, and making friends with people he idolized growing up. Andrew and Ron meet in a private professional group on Facebook and hit off on their love for the medium, and came together to work on The Knox. Andrew and Ron plan on releasing it in the summer of 2019.

Check out this campaign here!



For our final indie comic in the showcase, we have Volume 1 of MK’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Mary Kapogeorgakis. It’s an adaptation of the famous tale by Robert Louis Stevenson, but it is NOT another Jekyll and Hyde story. Unlike most versions, this one plays up how good and evil are not cut and dry and that were are gray creatures. Plus, you can be complete opposites, but still both be good or both be bad. There are different kinds of people of all moral alignments.

This story is a mix of fantasy with superhero and comical tones since in this version Hyde is an anti-hero and while he is a bad boy, he’s good (another unique trait of this webcomic). It is for all ages and it has no NSFW content. The series is planned to be four books long and so far, book 1 is completed and free to read on the webcomic though I have started the first Kickstarter to get book 1 in print. Check out this campaign here. It ends in 2 weeks!

That’s it for this installment! I hope you found a few projects you’re going to check out and share with others. In the meantime, support indie comics!!!


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