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Hello friends and readers, welcome back to another weekly edition of Indie Comics Showcase! It’s our weekly blog where we try and bring you our picks of some of the coolest indie comics that are going it alone and crowdfunding their projects. We interview their creators, show off some art, and tell you how you can check out the product for yourself. Once again, we have some outstanding crowdfunding campaigns this week for you to learn about, enjoy, and hopefully support by backing one or more of them!


Every little bit of support counts, from a single dollar pledge to the twenty-five dollar bundle, and of course the higher tiers are usually fun too! In fact, some of these campaigns have got some great higher tiers which add even more value by offering stuff you cannot get anywhere else.


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Sword of Justice
with Silvio Spotti

The Sword of Justice #1 is a 24-page comic book created by Silvio Spotti. This three issue mini series is being published by Top Secret Press. Silvio is an experienced artist and writer, having worked for almost all the American publishers doing the likes of Wynonna Earp for IDW, Stargate, Robocop, Lady Death for Avatar Press, Cowboys & Aliens for Platinum press, Green Lantern, Teen Titans and Scooby Doo for DC comics and he’s been working for 20 years and still going on several projects with Disney.


Please Visit The Campaign Site Here.


John: Silvio, Welcome to and thank you for being a part of Indie Comics Showcase. I am happy to be discussing your Indie Comic SWORD OF JUSTICE with you today.

Silvio: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

John: Before we get started I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about yourself .

Silvio: I’m an artist from Brazil. I started working for USA Publisher in 2003 with Beau Smith’s Wynonna Earp for IDW, Then I did Stargate, Robocop, Lady Death for Avatar press and worked with Boom in a Cars Mini series and Duck tales, Then Cowboys & Aliens for Platinum Studios, That was made in a movie later on. Then finally Teen Titans,Green Lantern and Scooby doo fro DC comics and like 15 years working with Disney Europe making comics.



John: Without giving away too much, what can you tell us about SWORD OF JUSTICE? 

Silvio: Sword Of Justice is a book that has been in my mind for about 10 years, however the idea of making the characters as they are and what they look like is more recent. It is about the devastated planet earth and the people who live like savages trying to survive a world that has returned to the middle ages. Powerful girls, wizards and brutes. pure action.


John: Can you tell us a little bit about how SWORD OF JUSTICE came to be, how the characters and story were conceptualized?


Silvio: I’m a fan of old 80’s cartoons and the choice of themes was natural.



John: What are some of the first comics you remember reading? And which ones had the biggest impact on you?


Silvio: I remember many of my first comics being Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, and a lot of Conan. But the ones that affected me the most were Ronin by Frank Miller, a comic which changed everything for me. And then Spawn by Todd McFarlane and Pitt by Dale Keown.


John: Great comics! Tell me what SWORD OF JUSTICE mean to you, what about it makes it a story you want to tell?



Silvio: This is a story of adventure and action, like every superhero book. No doubt about it. But every writer always wants to get a message across, and the message in this book is how easily the human race can be manipulated and even regress  to the dark ages.


John: What are some of the things that  served as a source of inspiration when working on the comic? Do you read anything, watch any shows, listen to music as you work to get your creative juices flowing?



Silvio: Yes! I read books like the A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin, Under the Dome by Stephen King or Anne Rice and JK. Rowling. But that’s not actually where my ideas come from. My ideas come from unusual places. I’m also writing a novel with dragons based on the Anne of Green Gables and Pollyanna (as I told you, unusual). I can simply invent a book with mages and warriors because I wanted to make an European album. Sword Of Justice is an ode to my love for 80’s cartoons and anime that drive me.


John: Wow! Silvio, I think you a have rather unique style in your writing and art. Can you tell us a bit about how you developed them?


Silvio: I’m a child of fantasy, horror and science fiction books – there is no way to change that, it is part of my DNA. Also I love several TV series, I am crazy about them. My art starts back there with the influence of John Buscema because of the Savage Sword of Conan. I try to write these books in the Marvel way. Because of course, Roy Thomas’s writing influenced me too. Then the art of McFarlane, Frank Miller, Jim Lee and Dale Keown, just to name a few.


Frank Miller and Tood Mcfarlane are the reason I like comics. John Buscema is the reason I want to be a better artist, but no one can ever beat the master. Jack Kirby and his dynamic figures and his brilliant mind. Jim Lee and Scott Williams an artist who is always improving and innovating and J. Scott Campbell, because he is that great. And even some personal friends also helped my craft and my career. 




John: Tell us a bit more about your creative process, Silvio.

Silvio: Okay. I create the characters and then write a small synopsis, which may or may not be changed throughout the creative process, because the stories do have a life of their own. As I write, new characters frequently appear along the way. Then, I draw the pages with blue pencils, because using normal pencils gives me too much trouble to erase and usually this also erases the black lines. That’s the simple process I go through.




John: What are your hopes for SWORD OF JUSTICE for the future?

Silvio: I reallyhope people like this book. We have many great ideas for this book, and the first is a 3 issue mini series. As I said it will be pure action and packed with fun!

John: Love it! Is there anything else you want to share with us before we sign off?



Silvio: I just want to thank everyone for the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about my work here. I hope you all join the Top Secret Press campaign. We are starting a new journey here and we want it to be successful.

John: Once again Silvio, I would like to say thank you for being a part of indie comics showcase. We wish you the best of luck on this campaign and all future projects.

Silvio: Thank you so much, John!


Check out the campaign page



Graveyard Watch
with Ouroboros Moon


Check out the campaign page here!

This world’s generation of superheroes are apotheosized, and their super powered children are struggling to live up to there god-like expectations. Graveyard Watch tells the tale of the Paragon, the most powerful and premier superhero team in the world. Protecting the planet from both domestic and planetary threats and being the world’s peacekeepers. But a decades ago, Tartarus an authoritarian organization bent on world domination abducted the Paragon’s children and they mysteriously vanished for years only to later return as the world’s most infamous super-villains bent on destabilizing countries overnight.

This volume is a 140+ page epic written by Ouroboros, drawn by Nguyen, and lettered by Eric Weathers. I interviewed the writer Ouroboros Moon to talk about the book.


Chris Braly: Hello again, Ori! Briefly tell our readers what Graveyard Watch is all about.

Ouroboros Moon: In its simplest terms, it’s a story about a new generation of superheroes learning how to be heroes again after they return from being abducted and held captive by super-villains for almost a decade.



Chris: Can you let us in on who or what inspired you to make this comic?

Ori: There isn’t a grandiose story to really tell. I almost feel compelled to lie and say I had a near death experience scuba diving fighting off a megalodon, then the idea just hit me! haha. But to be honest, I was eating a Pop-Tart then I thought …”hey wouldn’t this be a cool idea” then I wrote it down, and history began writing itself.


Chris: Haha! You’ve attempted some crowdfund comics in the past with mixed success. What did you learn from those experiences?

Ori: Within every failure there is a teachable moment. I think the main thing I took away from it is that crowdfunding is actually hard, especially finding an audience that will support you. If I’ve learned anything though, it’s to never give up.



Chris: Tell us about your creative team members – who is doing what and how did you all come together?

Ori: To be honest, I stumbled upon all of them, like a little kid tripping on air to then find twenty dollars under a rock. A lot of it came down to me sending email messages and people responding and saying “yes, we’ll work for you”.

Patrick Nguyen is the artist, and he is outstanding. Paul Bilick is our “Colorist Wizard Supreme”.  And Eric Weathers is handling the letters and he has helped bring to life many indie comics including Jawbreakers, Graveyard Shift, Red Rooster, Earthworm Jim, Downcast, Brutas the Badass, Doomkicker, Gunship Thunder Punch, The Good Knight, Ravage Kill All Men, Off Worlder, Monster M.D.and many, many more!


Chris: What has the creative process been like? What tasks are you handling for this campaign?

Ori: For the Indiegogo campaign, I have been prompting it, but as for the creative process that’s hard to talk about because that is actually discussing the inner mechanism of how my mind works.  I don’t want to say that all my best ideas come from standing in the shower, or that I think really hard about something then somehow I just crank out a story, but most of the time, I’m writing the story by the seat-of-my-pants. Like, I know what I need to have happen, the things I want to happen, but getting there sometimes happens naturally or randomly while I’m writing the story. It’s more fun that way I guess.



Chris: What stage is the project is in currently?

Ori: It’s in a stable state. A lot of pages are done and a lot of illustrations are completed, inking and coloring and lettering are next.


Chris: What kinds of comic fans do you think this will appeal to? What are some known comics you might compare this to?

Ori: If it is similar to anything, I would compare this book to adventure comics like the Suicide Squad or the Thunderbolts.


Chris: Once this project is fulfilled, what’s next for you?

Ori: That’s a secret, and the reason why it’s secret is because it relates to spies and conspiracies. haha!



Chris: You’re an intriguing person, Ori. Thanks for chatting with us again! Looking forward to seeing this book when it’s done!

Ori: Bye thanks for having me back, Chris!


Check out the Graveyard Watch campaign page here!


with Cara Nicole


Cara Nicole and is a well-known cosplayer who goes by the name ‘AZ Powergirl’. She has also been involved in numerous comic book projects such as Lady Death, Vampirella, along with many other homegrown indie projects as a model, artist, writer and editor. This is her first big leap into the fiery world of crowdfunding comics! She has over 30 cosplay covers with other creators and a good handful of art covers, along with numerous crowdfunding campaigns under her utility belt.

Back in 2012 she co-created the character of Firebitch with Alfred Trujillo and after deciding enough time had passed, she spent all of 2019 working to bring her to life as the irreverent maiden making her foray into the world of reluctant insta-heroine #firebitch.

Check out the campaign page here!


Chris Braly: What is the ‘elevator pitch’ for Firebitch? Briefly tell our readers what it’s about.
Cara Nicole: Insensitive internet model Chastity Chase, basically the last person you’d ever want as a hero, is pulled into a violent intergalactic genocide conflict on the other side of the galaxy. To make matters worse, she must deal with mysterious and dangerous new powers while trying to avoid getting cancelled online! No way home, nowhere to run, and with the impending doom of imminent death or having to return to Earth only to have to get–a day job…Chas must break all the rules.
She must go all the way. She must become Firebitch. As her social media presence dwindles and her online fan base fades, Chastity Chase must choose between taking her next selfie and saving a planet of unknown aliens from destruction by the mighty Meehos. With inevitable impending doom, and her battery running low, Chastity must become the hero she was never meant to be. 
Chris: Can you let us in on who or what inspired you to make this comic?
Cara: As a cosplayer, I spend much of my time online. I watch rise and falls of many others and hear from fans in regards to the behaviors of online models, cosplayers, etc. I find it fascinating! I am also a long time fan of super heroes and comic books. As a writer it only seems appropriate to combine all of this interest into a fiery story that embraces the modern age of technology and societal changes, combined with the traditional sexy supers that we all have grown to love.  Her design started as a doodle on an envelope in the bank that was posted to social media and dubbed Firebitch by Zenescope legend Mike DeBalfo.
Chris: When did you first get into cosplay? Were you a comic fan first or a model? How did it begin?
Cara:   I started cosplaying in 2010 with a small local charity group. We had fun with store events, movie premiers, and charity drives. I stumbled across the opportunity and it snowballed from there. As a comic book fan from childhood it was the perfect opportunity to bring joy to others while doing what I loved. As time passed and I met more industry people, I expanded into booth work for Marvel, Big City Comics, Hero Initiative, Crucidel Productions, and more.
This eventually led to media work doing interviews and some modeling for things like Dust Tactics and Magic: The Gathering. I also wrote my first comic book with Coop Bolton that had my very first cosplay cover. This was an ashcan and didn’t go far but it was tons of fun. It just keeps growing!! Lets take it all the way!

Chris: Tell us about your creative team members – who is doing what and how did you all come together?
Cara:  Well there’s me. I can be very demanding. The cat has yet to BRING ME MY COFFEE! I do colors, edits, and writing. Then there is Alfred Trujillo. He writes as well and does our line art and the majority of our layouts. I am doing more as time progresses but it’s a group effort. We pass things back and forth like a wild game of pickle ball. The chicken is on his team. She looks over my shoulder pretending to be interested but I know she is just gathering info to take back to Alfred.
We hired some of the best artists in comics to create variant covers that showcase their talents combined with bitchy twist. I was insistent that we go beyond the standard lineup of beautiful women and  use this as an opportunity to tell the story. We brought in Mike DeCarlo (“Batman: A Death in the Family”, Teen titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pinky and the Brain) to show OG collectors that we can battle with the best and appreciate the classics. Anthony Delaney (The Changeling) is a master of Rock and Roll Homage covers so I paired him with Pat Benetars Get Nervous Cover. Mike DeBalfo (Zenescope, Lady Death, Patriotika) was brought on for a super sexy special cover that is a cover within a cover.
Not only is it a Firebitch #1 variant, this particular piece represents Chastity Chase’s adult movie cover from her past. David Harrigan (Lady Death, Zombie Tramp, Hellwitch, Breastiary) brings us 2 covers, one is a naughty battle damage piece with his usual spectacular way around the female form. Dennis Willman (Lab Rats) brings us what was thought to be a cosplay cover. This realistic piece is just mesmerizing! Stef Wilson and Kerry Anne are up and coming hotties (Naughty Faeries Stripper Assassins, Mount Olympus Comics,Totally Rad Comics) They have a unique style and are a huge hit. Danielle Gransaull brings her adorable collectors cards and mini print to the table with bright colors and fun expressions. Mark May and new comer Jason Millett bring us some collectors/game cards as well and we are excited to have them.


Chris: What has the creative process been like? What tasks are you handling for this campaign?

Cara: I need HELP!!! We are doing this mostly on our own but we will be hiring a letterer to be sure that we have a professional look. Between messaging people. emails, updates and product research and design, this is a full time job. Everyday we check the campaign and see if there are any new messages as well as anything we need to address. We are always looking for ways to make it better and add more. Lots of paperwork on top of the usual art duties. Ordering swag, price quotes, responding to emails and messages on social media. There are many pages that we need to account for.




It’s more than a full time job. Friends and outings are put aside. Crowdfunding is a risk. You put years of work into something and you have one chance to show it to the world. Yes they do feature projects on Kickstarter but it’s up to you to spread the word. We have a great story with sexy variant covers and something for everyone. Cosplay covers, prints, and cards along with traditional covers all take time to prepare, We wanted to bring out some new products and created what Alfred has named STAC’R. This super special cover is a two-parter. Yes it is a double cover, but it also contains a naughty surprise beneath the flames under a fiery transparent layer. This is a first for us and we are excited to share this with you all. We also have phone gripes aka pop sockets, patches, magnets, lanyards, and more.




Chris: What stage is the project is in currently?

Cara: The book is so close to completion. All interior pages and covers are drawn. Flats are in and colors are being done as we speak. I expect this should be finished by the time our campaign ends. We always adding new pieces and products and pics so expect the best and anything less is the chickens fault. I do what I can to pre-order as much as possible so I put myself on the line financially because I believe in this project. 


Chris: What kinds of comic fans do you think this will appeal to? What are some known comics you might compare this to?

Cara: If you are a fan or the Jimmy Palmioti/ Amanda Conner team you will LOVE this book. With references to music and movies from the 80’s as well as a modern social media aspect with a sexy super heroine, this book is for everyone. PG13 to be safe. Firebitch is the girl you will LOVE to HATE.


: Once this project is fulfilled, what’s next for you?

Cara: Firebitch Issue 2 as well as my next cosplay book Confessions of A Cosplay DIVA. I am also working on cosplay and art covers for other creators so you can find me on books like Naughty Faeries Stripper Assassins, The Changeling, and Roxy. I am also doing interiors for some yet to be released books as well.



Chris: What else can you share about the project? And do you have any final words for our readers?

Cara: We have put a lot of love into this story and character and we know everyone will definitely have a reaction to it!


Chris: Thanks for chatting with us, Cara! We’re rooting for you!

Cara:  Thanks so much. It’s always a pleasure, Bleeding Fool 🙂



Check out the Firebitch #1 campaign page here!

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