Indie Comics Showcase #7


Hello there and welcome back to another installment of Indie Comics Showcase. I was originally planning on covering a completely different set of comics in today’s installment, but two of them were canceled and may be re-launching on Indie gogo in the near future. So this week’s installment came together in a rather interesting manner, and ultimately formed a theme. Today’s books are a little more gritty and slightly more realistic than the ones covered before.


Before we get into today’s edition of Indie Comics Showcase I have a few Creators To Congratulate!

Blake Northcott, and her novel: The North Valley Grimoire- A Magic Realism Spy Thriller was backed by 1,010 people who pledged a total of $73,742 Canadian Dollars, which equates to $56,149.94 U.S. and according to Blake:

“The North Valley Grimoire became the #1 fiction book OF ALL TIME in Canada, and is currently the most funded & most backed fiction book of 2018. It did that with NO Ads, NO MSM Coverage, NO Features & NO Promotion from Kickstarter. It’s 100% purely fan-driven, and it smashed projects with 25+ artists who had unlimited media coverage, campaigns that were promoted on the Kickstarter front page.”

Blake is SO thankful for your support; her mind was blown. The fact the novel did so well doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s a wonderful project by an amazing creator.


Crescent City Monsters: A Neo-Noir Supernatural Action Comic, from Dream Fury Comics. Writer Newton Lilavois and artist Gian Carlo Bernal were backed by 283 people who pledged a total of $6,428. CCM is one of my personal favorite comics of the year. The team behind it is absolutely incredible. It is such a unique project, set in one of my favorite times periods, infused with one of my favorite genres of music, and types of magic.


Mike S. Miller, whose comic LONESTAR: Heart of the Hero blew up earning $72,087. LONESTAR looks like such a fun project with incredibly powerful imagery. I can’t wait to see the finished product and add it to my collection.



Now onto Today’s Edition!

The first book I want to feature in tonight’s installment is Blood, Skulls, and Chrome by Hannu Kesola or better known on Rwitter as @promotecomics also @hannu_kesola. Blood, Skulls, and Chrome follows a Texas-based motorcycle club, the Steel Knights. The group had been expanding and were on the verge of making what could have been their most important deal yet. But on the night The Steel Knights were suppose to finalize negotiations with The Mexican Cartel, The Cartel’s Liaison informs them that they had been outbid by a rival group. This of course angers the Steel Knights and two of the group’s more reckless members kill the liaison. This sets events into motion that will test the strength of the Knight’s bond and creed. If you are ready to ride with the Steel Knights, you can take the oath and make a pledge on their Kickstarter campaign here.


With the exception of joining a Motorcycle gang and committing crimes across multiple state lines, Hannu has gone to great lengths during his research, to make the story of Blood, Skulls, and Chrome as realistic as possible.



Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies by Travis Gibb is the story of Randy and Denver, two hardened criminals who were on their way to becoming the Made Men. They have spent their lives, stealing, scheming, and killing to become legends. They had one last thing to do, it was suppose to be a simple drop off. But things turned for the worst. They were ambushed, their clients were killed, and they are left with a broken down car and four dead bodies to dispose of. All that just in the first issue, which you can read a 14 page preview of right now by clicking here!

With a name like Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies I can only think it was inspired by Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. One of my favorite films. To find out where the story takes Randy and Denver, back the campaign here. The campaign is now fully funded, but there are still stretch goals to unlock, so consider getting on board.



The final feature in tonight’s installment is THE BERSERKONAUT from creator Jeff Lafferty. While this particular comic certainly stretches far beyond the bounds of being realistic, it is certainly dark and gritty, but it never loses its sense of humor. The story as told to me by Jeff Lafferty; THE BERSERKONAUT  is a cyborg, a Monster Hunter and a Superhero. He goes around getting himself involved in paranormal related crimes. The police look at him like he’s a vigilante, and they try and kill him whenever they run into him.


His home base is a decommissioned missile silo under the city, he lives there with a retired OSS agent named Gran. In this story he gets involved in a mystery where Egyptian relics are being stolen from the Megatroit Natural History Museum. A female employee from the museum, Ms. Lilly Lake’ and him realize all the artifacts are related to legends of Pharaohs who had the ability to raise the dead. Clues from the break-in lead the Berserkonaut and Ms. Lilly to believe a cryogenics business called Z-Corp is responsible for the break-ins. The owner of Z-Corp is Zeddicus Rothkranz and of course his thugs and him are responsible and he’s collecting these artifacts to try and raise an undead army of zombies from his collection of thousands and thousands of frozen corpses.

Jeff has made sure that there’s a lot of action and monster fights. He’s trying to make it a fun of adventure comic, like Bernie Whritsons run on Swamp Thing, or something like that. A monster superhero that, though is well-intentioned, causes as many problems as he fixes. The whole series will be around six issues long, but Jeff is planning on continuing the comic indefinitely after that. Jeff is an incredibly talented artist with very unique writing and drawing styles. I’ve shared many of his works on my @indie_comics account, they certainly draw people in. The same can be said about the pages of THE BERSERKONAUT. Like the work of Jeff’s I have shared, all the pages are hand drawn and painted. You can actually see a lot of the pages being worked on in the videos on his channel. Jeffery also hosts a series of video lessons on his patreon page.

For more information I have provided a link to the campaign page where you can also back it here. And if you want to see more of Jeff’s work, you can, on both his Patreon and Youtube channel.


__Special Mention__

This week’s special mention is The Wicked Righteous Vol. 1 by Terry Mayo and Alterna Comics. Bleeding Fool has plenty of coverage on Alterna Comics here. They have also been friends of the indie comics community, but we have not really covered The Wicked Righteous. In short, it is the story of Four Brothers. A girl on the run. A town FULL of killers. Welcome to San Diego. The Wicked Righteous Vol 1 is a collection of the first one hundred and seventy pages of the story. It is full of mystery and excitement. If you want to unlock it’s secrets, check out the campaign here.

The series is amazing and the campaign is fully funded, plus they have almost unlocked the first series of stretch goals. Apart from the comic, there is tons of cool gear to get as well.


Like playing through Legend of Zelda, we have gone from day to night, to day again, in a very short span of time. That is because this installment took that long to put together. I hope you have enjoyed reading it almost as much as you would have enjoyed playing through Majora’s Mask. A special thank you goes out to my friend Alex McCarty who helped me proof read and edit this installment. Alex and his brother Gabriel are the creators of EXP 8: Rebellion of the EXPS available on Amazon in digital as well as print.


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