Indie Comics Showcase #11


Welcome Back to Indie Comics Showcase. For this installment I will be covering three new comics, digging a little deeper into some that I gave you a sneak peak of in the eighth installment, and some that have been recently relaunched. I thank you for joining us for this installment and hope you will forgive the tardiness.



The Gods that men once worshiped, once made sacrifices to, have not been seen in a millennia. As what could be the final war looms in the distant horizon, their powers are needed once more. A new threat emerges from the shadows and new heroes have been deemed worthy to take up the cause. A father who disowned his daughter because of her mother’s transgressions, with new reaffirmation of his lineage, seeks to rebuild their once fractured relationship. A new story is about to unfold as Asgard rises gain. Follow Desmond and Sadie as they forge a new bond and work to save the world.


The Asgard Team is Ben Jones the creator, writer and artist with King Bola on colors

___________Lady Alchemy___________



Every city in the world has two faces. One that greets you with a smile, and another that looks at you with hunger and blood lust. Those faces are often indiscernible. New York City is no different. Beneath it’s luster there are layers of darkness obscuring the light. Lift the veil and you will find that a sinister force in control. Everywhere you look there are signs that try to sell you toxins as sustenance, or propaganda as entertainment. Not everyone is able to see the true meaning hidden beneath it all. Some may get a glimpse of it and then pretend like it never happened. Because they are afraid to confront reality and hold onto anything that may give them a false sense of happiness. But not all is lost. There is one person who chooses to rise like a star and illuminate the darkness. She is Lady Alchemy.


LADY ALCHEMY is the Burlesque alter ego of Martina Markota, a rising star in the underground arts scene in the big city and this is her first comic.




After years of working to make a new life for himself, vowing to never use guns again, a former Mexican Cartel Hitman has to travel back to Mexico, and take out the very same people who forged him into the hardened killer he is. He will use every tool at his disposal to ensure that the people who hurt him, who turned him into a monster, can’t do the same to anyone else. As he works his way from street thug, to pusher, to the very head of the Cartel. He will kidnap, torture and make anyone he has to, scream out his name. So that when they hear he is back and coming for them, they know to be afraid.


Handyman is written by Tyler Carpenter with art by Brad Ashworth

___________Mississippi Zombie___________



There is something brewing in the great Deep South State of Mississippi, and I don’t mean the Moonshine, or your Grandmother’s Shrimp Gumbo. This is something strange. Stories have been circulating throughout multiple regions of Mississippi. Stories about people attacking one another, eating one another, dying and then coming back to life. Only, when they came back to life, they were not the same. They came back as zombies. One sad story is that of Newly Weds Theo and Angela. Months after the wedding Angela and Theo were attacked by zombies. Theo survived but Angela got bitten and passed on. Stricken with grief, and not knowing what else to do, Theo decided to keep her body alive. There is only one way to keep a zombie undead. This is just the first of many stories that will be told in Mississippi Zombie.


I gave Mississippi Zombie mention originally in our special horror edition of Indie Comics Showcase, but the campaign had not launched at press time. Now this anthology series has a live campaign and it appears to be much like the old Tales From The Crypt or Tales From The Hood, only all of the stories will be about a Zombie Outbreak in Mississippi. It is by Bradley Golden, Creator and Co writer, featuring the works of; Phill Williams, artist and inker, Peter Breau, Co writer, Daniel Gorman, artist Shaun Barbour, inker, Marcus Roberts, Co writer, Harrison Wood, artist, Oscar Pinto, cover Artist, Hector Negrete, letterer, John Crowther, Co writer, Alex Barranco, Co writer, and Warren Montgomery, letterer.

___________Detective Dead___________


After returning home from the roughest raid of his career, he finds the dead bodies of his wife and daughter. Moments after making the discovery, he too is killed. Due to unforeseen circumstances he finds himself in present day. Only he is not the man he once was. He has special abilities, and with them he must search for answers. Join our hero on the case of a lifetime, follow the clues, and see what secrets they unlock.



Detective Dead is by Antonio Malpica, featuring the works of Penciler: Rod Luper, Inker: Carlos Eduardo, Colorist: Kamui Ayami, and Letter: Jaymes Reed


___________Something Real___________


You may remember this also from the special Horror Indie Comics Showcase, Philip Hasten one day discovers his family has been battling a Boogeyman for centuries. This Boogeyman kidnaps imaginative children and uses their enhanced imaginations to construct his very own dream realm. His Hellish nightmare-scape is close to completion and the only one who stands in his way is Philip. Help the Hasten family conquer their fears and save the world.


Something Real is by Joey Turnage and his team which is listed in the images above

___________Raven Nevermore: Days of Yore ___________



A sickness is spreading through the streets of Cog Town. A highly addictive drug named Dream Dust. Some affected by this disease say, It gives them a sense of euphoria. Others say it allows them to astroproject. It makes them feel as if they can leave their bodies, go somewhere far away from the city they, that under normal circumstances, they may never escape, and then return to their bodies when they want. Some never return. The person responsible for the epidemic plaguing Cog Town is the head of the Mortini Family. It’s up to Corvan Moore, The Nightwatch Captain of The Bastion Guard to bring the him and the rest of the family down, and rid the city of what’s infecting it, before it spreads past it’s borders. But the monsters in the Mortini family are not the only ones Corvan has to deal with. Some monsters come from unexpected places.


Raven Nevermore is by

  • Writing: Nuno XEI
  • Artwork: Emmanuel Xerx Javier
  • Colours: Axel Rator and Hector Rubilar Lara
  • Letters: Ed Brisson and Chris Crank
  • Covers: Samuel Casal

I also mentioned this in a previous edition, Indie Comics Showcase #9. Now the campaign is live and you can check it out on Kickstarter below!

That’s it for this week’s edition of the Indie Comics Showcase! Till next time, I want to say thank you to all of the amazing creators I covered in this and in all of my previous installments, and to all of my wonderful readers and followers, both on here and on @indie_comics. See you next issue!


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