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Welcome back to another installment of Indie Comics Showcase. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week so far and have picked up many new comics on this, another great New Comic Book Day. Once again, I want to share with you some new comics in the crowdfunding category that I truly hope you will consider backing. Like all of the projects I’ve showcased in the past, these are some that I believe are among the most unique and creative.


According to the creator and incredibly talented Collette Turner, (@ColletteCTurner on Twitter). Badassical is a high-impact science fiction adventure comic that focuses on Susan, Kate, and Pandora, the main characters,  as they try to navigate their way through a reality TV show on a city-wide scale.

They’ve just discovered that all of their missions and fights have been pre-scripted and filmed for an audience, and that each time one of the main characters died they are ‘rebooted’ into a new body with their memories reset. They’ve been shown to have mechanical bodies which complements the fact that they appear to have superhuman abilities (extra strength, endurance etc.) Currently, they have made the decision to rebel against the system and go after the apparent mastermind behind it, the outcome of which has yet to be seen…

It was Badassical’s that art that first drew me into this series. Collette and the Super Skipper Brothers are a force to be reckoned with on this title. I do believe that John Fleming is an agent of chaos, because only an agent of chaos could have conceived a project like Badassical.

This campaign is for issue four in the series, but if you Pledge CA$ 18 or more you can get the Badass Digital Collection. I\m recommending the upgrade. This will be the fourth successful Kickstarter campaign for this team, and this is another 22 page comic, amazingly colored, combining the skills of John Fleming, Collette Turner and J-Skipper into a story set in the near future. They’re raising the standard.

Back it here:



Lewis Michael’s Chromosome 96 is without question, the most outlandish Indie Comic I’ve covered on Indie Comics Showcase. It’s bright, colorful, the characters are larger than life, and the story… Where do I begin? A group of scientists give hunt to an anthropomorphic virus that mutated and escaped from one of their bold experiments. Aided by an array of exotic and lethal beings, the clock is ticking not only for the geneticists, but – as the virus becomes more dangerous and more powerful, for the whole of Mankind.

Chromosome 96 is heavily influenced by movies like ‘The Beast from Twenty Thousand Fathoms’, ‘The Blob’ (both the original and the 80’s version) and even the John Carpenter’s remake of ‘The Thing’. These titles are all points of reference for pacing, character development and action set pieces. But there are several more.

Chromosome 96 has everything, from monsters that melt people’s faces off, to dinosaurs that eat people’s faces. So if this looks like something scratches that classic sci-fi itch for you, then you really want to get your hands on this book, the only way to do so is by backing the comic on Indiegogo.

Back the campaign here!



Doug TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill is a very colorful graphic novel from one of comic’s most colorful creators. Bigfoot was created as a follow up to Doug’s first big hit Earthworm Jim. It’s the story of a Sasquatch that lives in a Deep State Government Facility. On one adventure, Bill cut one of Poseidon’s fingers off and used it to take control of The Kraken, which he wears like a super hero costume. The Kraken uses its tentacles as weapons and other useful things, like a set of springs. Poseidon now wants the Kraken back and vows to take revenge on bill.

The comic is full of a wacky and fun characters, like a really hot elf girl, The Loch Ness Monster and even a Chupacabra. So you’re gonna see plenty cryptid on cryptid fight scenes!

The campaign has been massively successful and it’s very close to reaching its final stretch goal. It’s a 64 page graphic novel at this stage, but i you want to help Doug reach those final stretch goal and unlock some very, very cool perks, you can do so by backing Bigfoot Bill via this link. Only 7 days left!

And check out Doug TenNapel on Twitter or his Youtube channel where he regularly demonstrates some of his art techniques, reviews Taco Bell, and even shows viewers how to dig a koi pond..


According to Ian Evans his comic The Mechanic a one-shot slice of life comic that follows the life of an everyday auto mechanic. He struggles with depression and feels like he’s trapped in a routine. Despite his everyday struggles, he still wants to be remembered after he dies, and that’s what makes him so conflicted–because he knows his life isn’t extraordinary, but he wants it to be. The story follows him through his routines and the small, simple ways he tries to leave a lasting impact on the world.

The Mechanic is a poem that is told in comic book format. The art is very minimalist, yet I feel it conveys everything it needs to. The subject of wanting to leave an impression on the world is something that I feel many of us can relate to. I also know that a lot of us struggle with depression, and we often have to use that depression to fuel the work we do. Turn something that can be negative, into something positive.

You can contact Ian E on Twitter (@IanE97682553) and if you want to read the surreal story of a drpressed mechanic, be sure to back the campaign here.



Alex Lei is the creator of Liuna #1, the 1st in a planned 4-issue comic series about a girl named Liuna, a sexy native girl from a faraway land who escapes a shipwreck of merchant ship carrying slaves; only to find herself trapped on a wild island. With the only desire to return home, it is interesting to see how she fights her way back to her home. The book promises action packed escapade in an adventurous fantasy land. The first issue consists of 32 pages with lovely artwork that brings the fantasy to life.

The project is now on Kickstarter for crowdfunding with plans for the funds to be used for large scale distribution of digital copies of the book. Any additional funds will be used to create the 2nd issue out of the 4 issues planned by Alex. Supporters who back this project will receive the digital download of the comic issue along with uncensored versions of the art work. Did I mention this is for mature audiences?

The rewards depend on the amount that is going to be pledged. So, backers who want some exciting rewards such as the Liuna digital wallpapers and complete artwork may start pledging today. Suggested for mature readers, this comic series is going to be a treat to their eyes. Consider backing this indie comic here.

That’s it for me this week! Hopefully you’ve seen some projects that you’re ready to support! 
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