Graveyard Shift Crowdfunding Campaign Ends This Weekend!

With less than 2 days remaining in their campaign, Jon Malin (Cable, Thunderbolts) and Mark Poulton’s (Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), Graveyard Shift reaches another milestone – hitting $75,000. Their 46-page, sci-fi/horror love letter to ’90s comics may soon expand with even more pages. They’re striving to meet their next stretch goal at $80,000, and if they hit the target the Graveyard Shift graphic novel will expand with 12 additional pages of bonus content including fan art from their amazing online community of support!


In addition to this, the duo plans to upgrade the cover stock of the book if their $80k stretch goal is reached. Previously, the creators have unlocked stretch goals that now give fans a trading card in the same format as fan favorite creator-owned book Red Rooster, a performance bonus for their ashcan artist, Nerd Wonder, as well as a previous cover and interior paper upgrade.

The Indiegogo campaign is another high profile project for artist, Jon Malin. His previous book Jawbreakers: Lost Souls broke crowdfunding records for graphic novels. For Mark Poulton, Graveyard Shift serves as a follow up to his kid friendly, horror graphic novel, Piza Tree, which he wrote with his 7 year old son, Chase Poulton. The father/son writing team is up for a Ringo Award at this weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con for BEST KIDS GRAPHIC NOVEL.

All 46 pages of Book 1 of a 2 book series have already been completed by Malin and Poulton. Production of the next graphic novel in the series is expected later next year. The story of Graveyard Shift is best described as WHAT IF the Universal Monsters were the X-Men!


Scientists Vladimir Blud, Lillith Mayhew and her husband, head of security Mick Mayhew are working on advance human regeneration for the mysterious ATLANTIS CORPORATION. Betrayed, murdered and put into their own experiments they are reborn with super human abilities, they are the GRAVEYARD SHIFT and they are all that can stop a rising supernatural evil from taking over the world!

Graveyard Shift wraps its campaign on September 30th with an expected release date of January 2019. Click here to back the book and help push them over their goal!

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