Flying Sparks: The Review

Now that some ‘ComicsGate’-related comic titles are finding their way into readers’ hands, many people are eager to learn the quality of these long-awaited books. The more controversial the title or creator, the more eager people are. Writer Jon Del Arroz found himself embroiled in some of that controversy, splashing over from his colleague, Vox Day. When Vox Day, the creator of overtly right-wing political comics, attempted to use the ComicsGate title for his own line, the movement revolted. Del Arroz sought to defend his friend, eventually stating that to him ComicsGate is about providing a right wing alternative to the left wing comics industry. His comments left the mainstream, apolitical ComicsGate wondering if Del Arroz’s recently wrapped Indiegogo campaign (with art by Jethro Morales) would be a betrayal of the movement’s founding principles.

Digital copies of Flying Sparks have now been sent out to campaign backers, and in the following video, I provide a review to answer that question and more.


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Michael Critzer

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