Comics Codex Launches Platform for Indie Comic Creators

Comics Codex is a new site designed to connect indie comic readers with projects. The goal, much like Comicsgate itself, is to fuel independent creation and give indie creators a platform to be seen more easily.

The website tracks active projects and removes them whenever the project closes. The reason for this is space for people to see what awesome books are on the market NOW, so they can see what appeals to them and make informed decisions.

We also list news at the top of the site, including new indie comics in the shop that we’re aware of. There’s no commentary, no politics, only comics.

It’s direct news, a place we all can aggregate together to take on the mainstream duopoly of an industry. Most importantly, there’s no gatekeeping. Anyone who wants to be on the platform can be on. Anything we think is cool that we find we try to put up also.

Please feel free to use the submission button as a fan, friend, reader, or creator. The more books that get submitted, the better the website will be at providing good information on indie comics.

I hope you’ll submit regularly and check out some of the awesome books already up on Comics Codex!

Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz is a bestselling author on Amazon and is “the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction” according to, and winner of the 2018 CLFA Book Of The Year Award. Jon writes science fiction, steampunk, and comic books, and can be found most weekends in section 127 of the Oakland Coliseum cheering on the A’s. He maintains a blog at If you want fun superhero fiction without the messaging, check out his Flying Sparks comic series here!