By this ACKS He Rules! Chuck Dixon’s Conan Gets RPB Sourcebook


Autarch LLC is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the legendary comics writer Chuck Dixon, creator of Bane and the Birds of Prey, to develop an RPG sourcebook set in the world of Chuck Dixon’s Conan, his bestselling series of sword & sorcery novels that builds on the public domain works of Robert E. Howard. 


The sourcebook will use Autarch’s upcoming Adventurer Conqueror King System Imperial Imprint (ACKS II), the second edition of its acclaimed role-playing game. 


“Conan is the archetype of the adventurer who becomes a king,” said lead designer Alexander Macris. “He doesn’t just ‘level up’ — he takes power and rules. Only ACKS II  can offer an RPG experience with the depth and breadth to advance from savage swordsman to conqueror who treads the jeweled thrones of the earth under your sandaled feet.”



ACKS II is Kickstarting on Tuesday, October 24 as a three-volume set of pu leather hardbacks. All backers of ACKS II will be invited to participate in the development and playtesting of the Chuck Dixons’ Conan sourcebook, with early access to rules drafts, session reports, and art.  


For more information on ACKS II visit our Kickstarter page here!


About Autarch: Autarch is a tabletop game development studio based in Durham, NC. It has published the Adventurer Conqueror King System line of products as well as the Ascendant role-playing game and sourcebooks. For more information about Autarch, visit our site at

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