Agent Poso: Task Force Aegis a Crowdfunding Comics Spotlight

James Delingpole at Breitbart is recommending buying the new crowdfunded comic Agent Poso: Task Force Aegis, which is almost similar to Kingsman:


We conservatives are very good at complaining about the culture’s leftist bias and of course we’re right: Hollywood, TV, the publishing industry, the mainstream media do indeed all swing horribly to the left.

What we’re not so good at is doing anything to counter it.

As conservative blogger, broadcaster and former U.S. naval intelligence officer Jack Posobiec puts it:

“All the Hollywood money is flowing from Beijing to Burbank which is why all we end up with is woke garbage. And if we keep consuming our entertainment in the traditional way – throwing money at whatever woke garbage Hollywood serves up – then woke garbage is all we’re going to get because woke garbage is the only thing the liberal entertainment industrial complex wants to finance.”

I totally agree. Which is why I think we should all do our bit to support the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Jack’s comic book project Agent Poso.

Here’s a rough synopsis:

Set ten years in the future a global threat has arisen, and the President must turn to those he can trust. An off-the-books team that works directly for him, in the shadows. For the most sensitive missions, he calls upon Agent Poso and TASK FORCE AEGIS

Just like in Kingsman (which started life as a comic by Mark Millar), the bad guys are environmentalists. (And jihadists – another category of villain that the liberal-left culture industry generally prefers to play down, if it can…)

That’s because this is a shamelessly conservative product for a conservative readership starved of conservative culture.


The creative team includes Brett Smith, Sergio Cariello, and Chuck Dixon, so you know it definitely does boast impressive credentials. And yes, it sounds and looks like a positive example, so I’ll add my recommendation to give Agent Poso some backing.


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