Conventions Are Back! 5 Cosplay Tips for Newbies


Have you ever wished you could be anywhere but where you are at the moment? Maybe life has got you down and maybe you are just bored with the mundane day to day drudgery. Are you ready for a little excitement? Maybe the best way to lift your spirits is to dress up as your favorite character and indulge yourself in a bit of fantasy. If you are a cosplay newbie, these tips can get you started on the adventure of your life.


1. Choosing Your Favorite Character

Although it sounds easy to simply choose your favorite character to dress up as, it isn’t always quite that easy. Perhaps your body size isn’t quite right or maybe you’d feel uncomfortable wearing something as revealing as your superhero wears. If your all-time favorite character isn’t quite ‘you’ then go on to the next in line. If you want to have fun with cosplay, it’s important to find a character you will feel comfortable wearing their costume.



2. Finding Inspiration

Maybe you don’t have a character in mind that you would like to dress as. You can find inspiration for characters, sometimes even in some of the most unexpected places! You might ask friends for suggestions, or you might play a video game and love the outfit they have on and use that as your inspiration.



3. Getting Into Character

Once you know who you are going to be dressing up as now is the time to get into character. For example, if you love the idea of dressing up as James Bond, why not head to a casino before the big day? If you are cosplaying as Han Solo from Star Wars, start practicing your sarcastic wit on those around you. You can dedicate as much time as you have and want. However, even if you are pushed for time, there are still ways that you can get into character. For instance, if you are dressing up as James Bond, rather than heading to a real-life casino, look at Gamble Online instead for the best online casinos out there. Find a great site and then get lost in a game or two to make you feel more like Bond and ready for heading to your convention.



4. Getting the Hair Right

Sometimes the hair of your favorite character is the most remarkable part of their look. For example, many of the leading anime characters have blue hair while others have pink and purple. You might not be ready to go to a shop and have your natural hair done like that so look for an affordable wig you could dye the appropriate colors. For cosplay the wig doesn’t need to be made of human hair, so a cheap synthetic wig would do just fine.


HOW TO DYE A SYNTHETIC WIG | Alexa's Wig Series #7


5. Check Out Local Cosplay Events

Perhaps the best thing you can do to find inspiration is to attend a local cosplay event dressed in your street clothes as a spectator. If you can’t get entrance unless you are in character, just find somewhere comfortable to sit outside watching everyone go in. There’s nothing quite like seeing how others are creating their cosplay look when it comes to getting tips for how you’d like to dress.


With everything we’ve been through these past few years of the pandemic and being stuck in the house or on the job 90% of the time, we’re hungry for a new chapter in our lives. Cosplay is the quickest way to transport yourself to another ‘reality’ and it doesn’t take much once you get the idea. Even if you are on a limited budget, there are ways to design a costume from odds and ends you have lying around or from pieces you’ve found at a local thrift store. The whole point is to have fun being your alter ego, so don’t stress. Just let your imagination flow.

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