Writer Kurt Busiek Distorts and Dismisses #ComicsGate

by Avi Green
Kurt Busiek, writer for DC’s Astro City, is filling his Twitter timeline with distortions and complaining again, as he whines and resents the Comicsgate movement that’s been trying to get comicdom to cut out the pandering to advocates of censorship and leftist politics that’s been stuffed into superhero books, including those he used to script:

Nobody’s saying you shouldn’t have any, but when you go out of your way to declare your positions superior in every way to theirs, that’s when it all becomes awful. Especially when you start taking positions that are divisive, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Busiek’s support for bathroom bills designed to appease transgender men alienated a lot of women, both in and out of the medium, and effectively discouraged them from buying his past work.

Well gee, if you didn’t keep standing by in silence while your conservative peers were targeted for their politics, including Chuck Dixon, Mike Baron, Ethan Van Sciver and Jon Malin, things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now. But Kurt, possibly bitter about because some consider him washed up and not getting serious work at the Big Two anymore, won’t consider any of that.

Oddly enough, that’s what the SJWs whose side he’s actually taking are being: “inoffensive” in terms of sexuality, but not necessarily in terms of violent content. His past work on Avengers in 1998-2002 would be considered abominable by today’s standards, as would George Perez’s art, all the more reason it’s a terrible shame he’s taking out his frustrations against Trump voters.

And yet that’s not what they do today. Rather, they try to appeal to “niche” crowds, even though it’s long painfully obvious these specific groups aren’t buying into their visions.

Oh, who cares about Stephen King anymore? He was once considered a big deal when he began his career in the early 70s (one of the earliest books adapted to film was Carrie), but since then, the bloom is off the rose, and he’s become something of a political ranter at times; and like Busiek, he leans hard-left.

Today’s editors “like” your stuff based on your politics. There’s come a situation where, if you cross a certain line, they’ll lead to a situation where they’ll blacklist you if your standings don’t coincide with theirs. the Harvey Weinstein case is vaguely similar, where, if an actress didn’t submit to his demands she have sex with him, he sought to devastate their careers. Director Peter Jackson had to apologize to Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd for being an unwitting accomplice to the undermining of theirs, because Weinstein used cunning defamatory lies to discourage executives from considering them for prominent roles.

Some may like his past stuff, but who knows if they’ll like his future stuff so much, after that embarrassingly bad moment where he defended the bathroom balderdash? Political standings, if they’re really bad, can be influential for the wrong reasons and the impression can last a long time.

Artist Jon Malin stepped in and made an interesting point about what the higher echelons think of the talent they’re hiring now:

One of those higher ups at Marvel could easily be Isaac Perlmutter, if only because he never sought to improve their status any more than Ronald Perlman, his predecessor. And if he couldn’t show muscle, he’s a disgrace. Seriously. Of course, if the staff at Marvel proper matters, Axel Alonso and Joe Quesada undoubtedly had plenty of influence over the years. And don’t be surprised if Dan DiDio has considerable influence on hiring practices at DC, because he does the majority of speaking, not Bob Harras.

Later, Busiek turned to more distortions not all that different from what you could see in the Gamergate campaign:

I didn’t see any insults, if at all, and if he did get some, why won’t he post some screencaps for heaven’s sake? He just doesn’t want to accept that leftism has gotten to the point where female sexuality is considered an abomination in almost every way, while violence, again, may get a pass, and a torrent of leftist politics certainly does. Actually, I think the problem with Busiek’s comment is that he considers any disagreement, no matter the tone or content, a “spewing insult”. Translation: he just doesn’t like dissent.


Clearly Kurt doesn’t actually know what Comicsgate is. We suggest he click this link to get up to speed before he speaks about something he knows so little about.

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