Special Update: Last Week in #Comicsgate


It was a busy week in Comicsgate. In a fall out from the Drawn and Quartered, Comicsgaters hosted a “Drawn and Backholed” on YellowFlash’s YouTube channel, which has been in a sharp decline in terms of viewership. The winner was “Boner King” the dildo wielder. 


Further the discussion, Mike S. Miller posted a poll to his Twitter asking former CG members if they still considered themselves to be part of Comicsgate. After receiving over 2000 votes, 44% indicated that they no longer considered themselves to be part of the hashtag movement. 


Bleeding Fool even ran a similar poll and after receiving over 1065 votes, 30% of respondents indicated that although they once supported the movement, they no longer wanted any part of it. Some members of the Comicsgate community objected to these polls. Comicsgate advocate ‘El Froggo Loco’ decided that Mike’s poll was lame so he ran his own, which received 460+ votes with 47% indicating that they felt that the movement was dead or dying. 


AdamFriended continued his efforts to curry favor with ComicsGate supporters as much as possible in anticipation of getting that “sweet CG money” for his upcoming comic project, ‘Dick Smashers’ for which he appears to be the principle artist. 


Over the weekend, Ethan Van Sciver appeared to challenge all comers on Twitter. It also seems that many of Ethan’s fans continue to label me a ‘stalker,’ characterizing my criticisms or comments as the bitter actions of someone scorned by Ethan echoing a sentiment that ThatUmbrellaGuy once voiced. As a Twitter storm raged, I shared details that Ethan had actually invited me onto one of his streams, saying he wanted to have a special stream just to discuss “Guinevere and the Divinity Factory” after which he ‘ghosted’ me. 


After the Twitteratti digested these details, Ethan came forward to say that while he had done that, he had not meant me any harm, but that my comic project simply wasn’t that important to him, and that he would have gotten to it eventually. Afterwards, Ethan seemed to adopt less antagonistic tone in his tweets, encouraging more discourse and urging people to stick to the business of making comics.

Jon Del Arroz, an on-again-off-again, frenemy of comicsgate decided to take the opportunity to call a truce with Caesar by, according to Ethan, claiming that Ethan’s most vocal opponents were “gamma males.” 


The tone of online discourse after that weekend changed quite a bit. First, the Comicsgate community began passing the hat to pay for the War Campaign member PanBoy’s legal bill, as the cyberstalking charges against him would be proceeding to trial. The dildo memes seemed friendlier, as recent War Campaign member Comics Invictus shared a Thanksgiving themed meme featuring former War Campaign member Praetorian inserting former Comicsgate members Edwin Boyette and Doug Tenapel into his rectum. To help complete the artistry of the piece, former CG artist Sachi was featured as watching with her head pasted onto a turkey- no doubt a reference to when Caesar had called her a “turkeyneck.”


Ethan Van Sciver seemed to be back to business himself, showcasing the cover for War Campaign comic book, “Vestige” which was due to be shipped to backers last month but has not. Ethan encouraged people to back the book as it was still InDemand. Over the course of the livestream, Ethan reiterated that SJWs were killing the comic book industry, citing the decision of Orbital Comics in London to no longer deal with Diamond as the latest example. He then went onto declare that Comicsgate would inherit it term industry from Marvel and DC at some point in the future.


After the livesteam, Vestige picked up an additional $1200 in backing.


Last week in Comicsgate: dildos, Twitter polls, cyberstalking, and the future of the comic industry

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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