The SJW Ad Hominem Fallacy Regarding Comicsgate

by Michael Critzer (a.k.a. Professor Geek)

Social Media exploded recently with comic pros denouncing #ComicsGate. Jeff Lemire called for the industry to rise up and combat the movement, while Bill Bill Sienkiewicz addressed a profanity-laden diatribe to Comicsgaters themselves. The motivation appears to be the latest attempt of comics pros to virtue signal. The trend caught on with tweets from the usual suspects, proclaiming their loyalty to the social justice narrative and securing their safety from the internal, secret-policing of the industry.


These so called professionals take great care in constructing the Boogey Man they call comicsgate. This big, bad strawman is essential to their coveted status as victims and ‘white knights’. Meanwhile, actual comicsgate and the arguments and standards comicsgaters adhere to, bear no resemblance to the monster that comic pros insist resides beneath their bed. Basic logical fallacies pervade this trend. See my video below for one of the most dangerous.


SJWs and Their Comicsgate Ad Hominem Fallacy


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