Uh-Oh: Founder of Antarctic Press May Be Contradicting Mark Waid

Yesterday, the YouTuber The Umbrella Guy (TUG) revealed a series of  text messages he allegedly received from Ben Dunn, the founder of Antarctic Press. These messages (shown below) suggest that all is not well in the state of Antarctic Press and appear to contradict some of the statements made in Dr. Joe Dunn’s deposition in the lawsuit between indie creator Richard C. Meyer and Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid.


Be forewarned, if these texts check out, they completely undermine the released excerpts and statements by both Mark Waid’s legal team, and the deposition excerpts being released that appeared to help Mark Waid in his tortious interference and defamation defense.



In addition to the texts, this email was also provided by That Umbrella Guy. It seems to be detailing a story of Jon Malin seeking to make a publishing deal on one of his upcoming indie projects. 


The release of these texts and email fueled a day of speculation about the Jawbreakers case in general, and I decided to use this an an opportunity to do a critical analysis of how the evidence revealed thus far would play in front of a jury.

I speculate as to what might be said by the various parties at trial, how a jury might interpret it, and how it would compare to the jury instructions they were given. Would a jury find that a contract existed between Richard C. Meyer and Antarctic Press? Would they find that Mark Waid was a “substantial factor” in that contract not being executed? Who will win at trial? I speculate on each of these questions in my video.


Text messages impeach the Dunn deposition - A critical analysis of the Jawbreakers case

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