Tales of the Exquisite Martyr: The Chuck Wendig Chronicles

In the midst of the howls of laughter, and the gnashing of teeth,

I thought I would wait before writing anything about Chuck Wendig’s spectacular launch.

But for all the fire there were some icy parts too.

The whole thing seemed a kind of snowball pushed down the top of a rather large hill and so, I changed my mind. 

In this analogy, if the hill is high and steep enough, the snowball could possess very impressive destructive power by the time it gets to the bottom.

It is also worth noting that as it picks up snow and speed on its way down, it also uncovers some of the ground previously hidden under the snow.

One such revealing feature has thus come to light inadvertently, I’m sure. 

Chuck has admitted during the course of his lament, which was cut up and pasted to Twitter in segments during the afternoon of October 12th, 2018 :


Wait…what? Comics isn’t really your thing?

“Getting a handle on it” sounds an awful lot like a “process”…and here we thought you were a “pro”?

Thank you, this helps to explain a great many things.

Most folks who would identify as #Comicsgate supporters would say that a large source of their displeasure with mainstream comics, has been the hiring practices at the big houses of comic creation.

This has been articulated quite thoroughly for quite some time.

The focus on hiring what seem to be pseudo-writer activists and professional provocateurs instead of professional artists and writers whether veteran or aspiring; has been an industry trend for years now.

These toxic infil-traitors have no reverence for the source materials.

They are responsible for canonical violations and erasures, massive continuity flaws as well as radically distorting long established characters.

Shocking I know

Some customers feel that these lucky albeit ungrateful hires do not posses the ingrained knowledge of the material or if they do ?

They ignore it,  believing that signals of virtue are much more important than entertainment they were hired to produce.

No enthusiastic displays of appreciation, love or gratitude to the IPs’ they are privileged enough to represent. No humility whatsoever. Quite the opposite.

Still more customers are upset and feel that the platforms and mediums that companies like Marvel Comics and DC Comics provide are being hijacked.

Once under the control of these loose-cannon activists, the mediums are used as vehicles to soapbox a political ideology and to promote partisan hackery which serves only to  divide and fracture the fan-base.

When seen from a broader perspective, it would seem that their twisted world view is based entirely on judging others for their thoughts and beliefs. 

How foolish of me – I thought only God could do that

Beliefs that are fringe such as neo-nazism and racism have been on a very steep decline over the last hundred years and these positions are literally the pariahs of our culture from almost any regular persons’ perspective.

Yet somehow, these “virtuous virtual warriors” see the great hydra-like Say-Tan everywhere.

Once sufficiently identified, categorized and labelled with slanderous monikers; some customers, smaller creators and self publishers experience public humiliations, attacks and shaming by artists, writers and associated pros they may have followed for years.

The perpetrators of this farce then proceed to twist the entire narrative and broadcast themselves as the victims and the whole cycle repeats itself endlessly.

In any case, for everyone concerned;  it manifests ultimately as a general disrespect for the medium of comics, its related industries and most unfortunately – in the dismissal and purposeful pushing aside of lifelong customers and contributors.

Here’s some great examples of some things that folks might not appreciate.

After all, it’s funny to belittle and antagonize your customers right?

Well we’re so very sorry Chuckles, but the industry has spoken.

Forget about customers and #Comicsgate here for a second.

What the boss has said – is that his employees are most certainly allowed to have opinions.

However, they are not allowed to act like fucking assholes to the folks he is trying to sell books to.

That’s all.

One would think that when you have pissed off a large segment of your consumers to such a degree that they are creating T shirts memorializing your atrocious behavior perhaps it might be time for you to consider toning it down a bit.

Well, one would think. 

It’s a humorous exposure of the fact that lil’ Chuckles seems to have aspirations or perhaps sees himself as notorious or rather –  to be more infamous or  important than the brand he supposebly represents. Outshining the brand that hired you is bad news

This of course expresses itself as an overwhelming feeling of entitlement and arrogance combined with  a sense self-importance that is completely at odds with actual reality.

This is what is known as Rentarded © 

Hold on they say, things must have a better chance of improving with a reduction of toxicity right? 

But yet, after only 24 hours the situation has pretty much run it’s course and here we find that the social terror mobs’ vengeance wagons have already begun creaking forward.


“Organize” for what? Getting fired en masse

Getting logistics in order so you can set up shelters and soup kitchens for yourselves when you all follow each other off the career cliff like a bunch of lemmings? (don’t tease us here)

Perhaps an escalation of the same tactics that just got ole’ Chucky gloriously launched from a trebuchet ?

I genuinely hope that some industry leaders might be reading here and can understand finally where the toxic elements in comic culture can be found.

These activists and social terrorists are a very real threat to the stability and viability these businesses…they admit to it openly now.

They are openly conspiring and threatening to railroad another creator who has nothing to do whatsoever with the situation.

All of this, in order to punish the industry for putting out the garbage?

What’s that you say?

Folks are outraged and terrified now that poor little Chuckles has been flung up up and away?

Perhaps the  culture warriors of virtue wouldn’t mind unfrocking themselves long enough to explain to everyone out here in ‘Adult-Land’ exactly how women, POC, queer or trans people and aspiring artists – are suddenly in danger because an unhinged asshole got fired…for being an unhinged asshole ? 

Please spare us all the mental gymnastics and the verbal diarrhea

Next thing you know we’ll hear that the toxic mob that encourages and fuels the hatred, rage and behavior of bobble heads like Chuck Wendig in the first place; will try to influence and counsel more artists and professionals to behave like complete infants and tarnish the brands they work for too.

It would be foolish for them add more velocity to the decline in readership

Such retaliations and tactics would add immensely to the terrible drama and of course this will help put the snuff on their “industry pros” careers as well…

But these toxic saboteurs and activists wouldn’t be that bold would they?












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