Rants from the Multiverse: #ComicsGate We Need to Talk!

Please keep in mind that I make all these statements as a long-time ally, adjacent, but not quite a full fledged member of #Comicsgate.  I’ve been following everyone and everything since the beginning, but I just never used the hashtag on my social media.  I’ve always tried to stay as neutral as I can (more times than not I fail or I get too emotional and I openly admit it), but the past few months things have gone so off the rails even “I” can’t stay silent about this anymore!

Multiple factions have popped up lately within #Comicsgate.  What used to be a rather similar minded group has splintered and recently a large amount of infighting has started to occur.  Without  naming names, I can tell you this, at least two sides have become the loudest voices of the infighting.  One side focuses on trolling and being a bunch of frat boys, and sometimes go overboard and can be darn right rude and hostile, inciting hostile actions all in the name of the group or for a “joke”.  The other side feels pushed out by the first group and feel that CG has lost its way and are doing whatever it takes to bring them down so they can be the ones calling the shots. It feels like they’ve become as bad as the Anti-CG factions.

One word that’s been thrown about on both sides, either threatening or accusing of utilizing “doxing” which is the discovering and revealing of private information with the intent of harming an individual.  Rumors, speculation, and flat out examples have occurred more and more recently and it’s gotten WAY out of hand! The trolling/”joking” has gotten way out of control as well (to the point that the most common excuse for hurt feelings is the equivalent of “You mad, bro?”)

In response, I’ve made this video as an attempt to call out all sides and beg them to please stop. This is getting out of hand. We don’t need to let this go any further!

Rants from the Multiverse: #ComicsGate We Need to Talk!

Robert Willing

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