Is NPC Culture Taking Over Comicsgate? (UPDATED)

Editor: Ethan Van Sciver’s response video is now included at the end of the article.




Despite being formed in opposition to the perceived left-wing, identity based tactics of mainstream comics, the online community defined by the Twitter hashtag #Comicsgate is apparently becoming consumed by those very same tactics; doxxing, calls for deplatforming, groupthink, victimhood, a lack of accountability, slippery labels, identity-based policy, and continually using the nebulousness of a group to characterize it in a positive fashion despite the way the group acts, or specifically how certain factions within the group is acting. 



Over time, many high profile creators have left the group causing it to gradually erode down to those core creators who used the hashtag to begin with (Ethan Van Sciver and Richard C. Meyer) along with those they appear to favor. If this continues, I predict that in a year to 18 months, the group may be seen as simply ‘friends of EVS’ and I also would expect the hashtag to no longer serve a useful purpose.  You may disagree, but allow me to explain why I think this is the trajectory in my video below:


NPC Culture Conquers Comicsgate




EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is Ethan Van Sciver’s response from last night.


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