Not So Fast Mr. Waid! Dunn’s deposition Does NOT Defeat D&C’s Case


Marvel Comics artist Mark Waid made a statement on his Facebook today revealing portions of the deposition of Antarctic Press’s Dr. Joe Dunn that Mr. Waid claims completely exonerate the charges of Tortious Interference made in the civil suit by independent comics creator Richard C. Meyer.


WHAT I DO NEGLECT TO SAY IN THE VIDEO BELOW IS: If it is revealed that all that Mr. Waid did was point Dr. Dunn to public statements made by Meyer, then Meyer’s claim will fail as nothing Waid did could be considered “tortious.” In the video below, I review the statement, and the underlying deposition and find that Diversity and Comic’s lawsuit is clearly damaged by it. However, I think Meyer may still prevail at trial. I also indulge in some speculation about what a jury would find sympathetic.


Additionally, I go over what must be proven to prevail on a Tortious Interference claim and compare Mark Waid’s supposition that this claim has been defeated to the facts of the case. In summary, Meyer’s claim was NOT defeated by the deposition of Dr. Joe Dunn of Antarctic Press, but it was potentially damaged. Furthermore, Meyer is not likely to be a looked on by the jury in a sympathetic light, given some of the tweets that he’s made.


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Mark Waid Claims Joe Dunn Deposition Exonerates Him... Not So Fast.

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