Marvel Comics Editor: All Men Are “Part Of The Problem”

by Jon Del Arroz
Heather Antos is an editor for Marvel Comics, currently working the company’s line of Star Wars comic books. Antos began working for Marvel in early 2015 on their Star Wars and Deadpool lines. Antos also continues to make name for herself, not for her editing skills, but for her social media adventures. A few months ago, she claimed that she received abuse online after posting an image of herself drinking milkshakes with other female Marvel employees. This alleged attack on social media, via email and Twitter direct messages by rude people, created a deluge of “white knights”, geek news outlets, and online feminists who felt compelled to sweep in to her defense from a handful of rude Twitter users. There was no conclusion as to whether or not Ms. Antos’s Twitter block or mute features were malfunctioning.

Last week, the self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior” took to social media to “womansplain” that ALL straight, normal men are unwelcome and guilty by proxy of making women uncomfortable.


This seems to be typical for Heather Antos Twitter feed

From contributor Jon Del Arroz:

The implication is clear: all men are evil and abusers if only by proxy. Not to mention this is quite the marginalizing of male victims of sexual abuse. It reminds me of the way I saw a lot of posts this last year with you say “I’m not” that’s exactly what a Nazi WOULD say. Being male is the new witch hunt, and it’s not only reflected in these ridiculous tweets, but in their work. If you’re a man reading Marvel Comics, you’ve been told: you are not desired as one of their readers.

This is why we have #ComicsGate and this is why we need Alt-Hero.

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Jon Del Arroz

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