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Comics have a long tradition in American entertainment. Generations of children and adults share a cultural touchstone with characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. There is a reason many customers remain loyal despite companies which (contrary to logic in a capitalist society) regularly demean and insult them.


For the medium to evolve is only natural. However, like the gaming community before it comics have become positively infested with regressives who delight in tearing apart American icons while alienating fans with propaganda and abuse. They’re corrupt, they’re bleeding cash, and they are thoroughly unpleasant.


On September 18th in a private, heavily politicized facebook group for comic professionals the following exchange took place:






Online, the target of this group veteran Richard Meyer goes by Diversity & Comics (D&C), a Youtube channel where he critiques the Marxist drivel currently overwhelming the medium. D&C caught wind of the activities of this Facebook group on September 21st, when he made a video of his own in response where audiences can read the exchange.


Members of the group who actively endorsed violence and stalking toward D&C include writers B. Clay Moore and Taylor Esposito. Following the conversation, on September 20th Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid posted the following on his own public Facebook:



In fairness to Waid, he was open about making a lengthy edit (which I recommend reading for transparency’s sake) during his attempt to backpedal and appear less threatening. However, by then a very interesting array of voices had already chimed in for the comments section. Among these were senior editor Tom Brevoort as well as IDW, Marvel, and DC Comics writer Magdalene Frances, who goes by Mags Visaggio.


Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort responded to Waid with this:



Keep in mind that as senior editor, Brevoort is Mark Waid’s boss. By asking Waid specifically what the plan was, he implied that Waid himself is the ringleader.


For her part in this, Mags had the following to add a few weeks prior:



For the normies among us who might miss the terminology, “cis” refers to anyone who is not transgender. FWIW, Visaggio also has a habit of engaging in lengthy, but harmless political rants:




Waid though, Waid is very interesting.



Let’s look back at how he defended innocent industry professionals from accusations of pedophilia by GamerGate bullies! Far from ancient history, these tweets come from January 8th of this year.  But who was under fire in the comic industry around January 8th, 2017? Oh, I remember. There was Gerard Jones, who was arrested after being caught with more than 600 files of child pornography. It was reported by Michael Bodley of SFGate on the precise same day as Waid’s tweet.


Isn’t that a funny coincidence?


You may be wondering, why is it that this ragtag bunch of misfits would target D&C specifically? There are plenty of people unhappy about the current state of comic books, and many of them criticizing the regressive agenda. Although comic editors Heather Antos (Marvel) and Susan Auġér (Freelance) both doxed Diversity & Comix for the crime of daring to laugh at Antos on the internet, there is a bigger reason comic professionals want to intimidate and silence him.


On September 11th and 12th of this year, IDW writer Aubrey Sitterson stirred a fair amount of controversy with the following tweets:



D&C, partly due to this incident and partly over some remarkably gay artwork Sitterson encouraged for popular children’s toy-based title G.I. Joe, called for Sitterson to be fired in a September 12th youtube video. As a fan and a critic expressing frustration mind you, not as a professional. Fast forward to September 14th, when several articles went up in rapid succession from supposedly unrelated comic journalism websites including The Outhousers, The Mary Sue, and Bleeding Cool all leaping to defend Sitterson.


And D&C not only noticed, he dared to make a video talking about how the whole thing smelled suspiciously of collusion.


There is blood in the water, and the comic industry knows it. This is just one facet of the culture war being waged against regressive propaganda in our media. The side of Diversity & Comics is winning. And that absolutely terrifies the establishment professionals and those who value “social justice” messaging over good storytelling.


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