Comicsgate Report: Did Ethan Van Sciver Just Disavow Toxic Fans?

For those interested in the recent drama going on under the hashtag #Comicsgate, the past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. In only the last seven days or so:


  • Artist Jon Malin called out writer Alan Moore for not thanking Comicsgate for expanding the comics market with their success at crowdfunding comics. I find that peculiar since it’s a model which completely cuts out the comic book stores themselves. 
  • Edwin Boyette, a Youtube personality popular with Comicsgate fans, and the owner of Indiecron, a hub that supports indie comics, has also been a long time, strong supporter of Comicsgate. Edwin invited people onto his livestream a week ago to air and discuss their criticisms of the movement. Two days later, he publicly divorced himself from Ethan Van Sciver superfans who march under the banner “War Campaign.” This morning, Edwin announced that he has left the CG movement altogether. 
  • Ethan Van Sciver, likely flattered by all the fawning attention WC regularly offered him, originally indicated that he couldn’t condemn the actions of WarCampaign, or any fandom for the sake of another. Eventually he began to run out of patience and scolded War Campaign. Then yesterday, EVS asked for proof of War Campaign actually doxxing anyone, then tweeting that now that he had proof, heads were going to roll. 


I realize that I’ve been targeted by War Campaign myself for not possessing CG bonafides while most contributors to Bleeding Fool are Comicsgate supporters or allies. I also got pretty ratio’d the last time I brought up this group of super-fans. However, I discuss some of this WarCampaign drama in the video below because I think it’s an interesting new development that’s worth discussing and wanted to report on it. So if you’re interested too, I suggest you grab a bucket of popcorn, because the drama may escalate from here. 


Drama Alert: Comicsgate fragments as EVS attacks Warcampaign

Preston Poulter

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