Comic Tropes’ Chris Piers Attacks ComicsGate, Jon Malin & Others

Twitter fights are common place and people arguing over comics is nothing new, put them together and you have a mess. A couple of days ago Chris Piers, who runs a comic book fan YouTube channel Comic Tropes, spoke out about his negative opinions about ComicsGate as well as artist and creator Jon Malin. Others quickly chimed in and began judging those who agree with many tenants of the ComicsGate movement began spreading misinformation and judging the hashtag by the actions of a relative few bad apples.


It seems that the comic industry fights more on social media than their characters fight on the pages of their books! Is it just me, or does it seem that we can never have return to the days when common comic disagreements didn’t end in someone calling someone else a an “-ist, a “-phobe” or whatever?



Comic Tropes Chris Piers VS ComicsGate Jon Malin and Others

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