Comedy Central Fails to Defeat #ComicsGate

by Billy D.

The Jim Jefferies Show starring Jim Jefferies on Comedy Central, decided to hop into the #ComicsGate debate by doing a seven minute hit-piece on Richard C. Meyer from Diversity & Comics. Jim took snippets from an interview he had with Meyer who recently attended the San Diego Comic-Con, and attempted to portray Meyer as a racist bigot.

The seven minute clip was uploaded via a tweet by Jim on his Twitter account. You can view it below.

Diversity in Comics Makes Bigots Mad - The Jim Jefferies Show
A good portion of the Youtube audience was not amused.

And a few hours later a majority of them were certainly not amused…

The faux comedian, looking disheveled and coming across on the subject matter with nothing short of an aloof perspective, hammered Meyer with questions about his opinion on the current state of comic books.

Jim juxtaposed his questions to Meyer with questions to a “diverse” group of Comic-Con attendees who were basically used as tokens for the Social Justice Warrior argument that the Leftist’s depiction of diversity in comics is good.

While the cut-together segment attempted to portray Meyer as racist and out of touch with the current comic book climate, Jim’s own agenda-driven slice of the comic book industry was belied by the facts themselves. In fact, Jim avoided the facts altogether.

He didn’t bring up the fact that Marvel had to cancel some of its SJW-themed comic books in early 2018. He failed to mention that some of the comics themed around sociopolitical agenda-pushing saw an 81% year-over-year drop in sales. A few of the comics were cancelled after only two issues.

He also failed to mention that retailers noted that the SJW-themed comic books aren’t selling and in turn have been hurting the brick and mortar business since comic books fans are no longer buying comic books.


There’s much more. Read the whole flawless takedown by Billy at


Jeremy Hamby’s not having it. He rips Jefferies and the cast for their editing hack-job and their hypocrisy. Bringing up Richard saying some crude things about a comics creator on one video and then calling Richard names like “garbage person” and “c*nt”.


Jim Jefferies & The Worst Edited Trashpiece On The Comics Community Ever

One of our favorite Youtubers, “That Umbrella Guy” explains exactly why this tactic backfired for the anti-Comicsgate crowd:

For Richard’s part, he thinks this turned out to be a positive. And according to those who hate him the most, he may be right.

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