Banfamous | Ambassador of a Failing Industry


We have seen anti-comicsgate trolls come and go, but none worse than the infamous “Renfamous”. What a peach! She has been a serial harasser of many creators and consumers within the ComicsGate community, myself included, and psychotically stalked Ethan Van Sciver for months.

Just recently, many within the comicgate community, started putting preferred pronouns in their Twitter bios. The idea was that since so many of the trolls that Renfamous pals around with had begun to weaponize Twitter’s TOS to target ComicsGate fans and get them suspended from the social media platform for “misgendering,” “dead-naming,” etc, their critics. A few members of the CG community decided to “fight fire with fire” and report anti-CG as misgendering them. It’s actually working, only on Twitter and for less than 24 hours, but it became a bit of a sport. The blue haired troll wound up with her second ban in a week.

Oh, I have no doubt this little clown troll will be back on Twitter and straight back to her old harassment antics at any moment, perhaps before I even post this video, but things are much worse than over-achieving miscreants looking for attention. Nope. There’s ample proof of many high-profile comics industry professionals that are in cahoots with her, or at least supportive of them harassing right-leaning creators and fans sick of all the soy and left-wing politics in their comics. From the likes of Marvel Comics COO Joe Quesada, to artists and publishers Jamal Igle, and new creators like Mags Visaggio. She has plenty of cheerleaders. This further supports the notion that we have a failing comics industry, and in my video below I go over why she was banned, and her involvement with the comics industry.

Tristen Just

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