Anti-Comicsgate Activists’ Lawbreaking Continues Unabated

Seems like only a few days ago we were reporting on the SWATting attacks on an indie comics publisher and an online comics critic who are both welcoming to Comicsgate supporters. And then this happens.

Ethan Van Sciver posted the following item telling that doxxing by anti-Comicsgate creeps appears to still be a problem:



More offensive lawbreaking over some tepid figurines or something like that? Truly sick. I hope the police have been informed, and most importantly, that they’re investigating convincingly.

I also noticed writer Tony Bedard saying the following:


What is this? He’s complaining about crowdfunding for development of creator-owned projects, even after supposedly congratulating? He certainly doesn’t seem to understand that’s the purpose of most of the crowdfunding pages set up for making money to pay for all the art equipment needed to prepare the drafts for the comics. There’s more:



Oh, for crying out loud. This isn’t doing any good. Certainly not if he’s also saying virtually all creator-owned products by people siding with Comicsgate are all trash and is suggesting softness on felons. Some of those I’ve seen have pretty good artwork, and like all creator-owned items as a whole, quality varies everywhere. Bedard’s not going to do his career any favors if he sticks with a victim-blaming angle, and acts like van Sciver’s not a victim in this situation. He’d do well to just cut it out.

Again, I hope police are doing everything they can to locate and arrest the criminals who committed these illegalities.


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