2019 Autopsy: The Year the Online Comic Community Nearly Broke Me

2019 was a rough year for a lot of people, myself in particular. While contemplating the year that was, I decided to make a video where I go over things that happened this past year. The bulk of my video below delves into the turbulence and disorder I perceived within what I refer to as the “Comics Twitter Community”.


No, this is not just Comicsgate, or Anti-Comicsgate, or WarCampaign, but the community as a while. While I feel that 2019 started out very hopeful, albeit with a few rough patches, by the halfway mark everyone seemed to be at each others throats! It began to appear that the comics consumer movement that began before a “comicsgate” label was even attached to it, had devolved into petty territorial bickering, similar to the path that we’ve seen so many other online dissident movements take.


My biggest issue is that I’m on neither side of the debate. I’m on my own side. While I agree with a lot of points made by different people in different “tribes,” I still make my own observations about what I think is going on and I come to my own conclusions. I’m my own man, not beholden to any of these groups.


Apparently that was not enough for many. The way many of the most loyal adherents act, you had to pick a side and denounce the other side. And if you said anything that didn’t follow what the group you were now aligned with thought, they would decide for you where you truly stand! Making observations meant you were being manipulative and if you didn’t think so, you were just too stupid to realize it…!


That’s what my year has been! What started out as a long list of friends and acquaintances I felt comfortable talking with and having fun with diminished to a handful of supportive, trustworthy people. I gotta get some new friends.


This was not what Comicsgate was originally meant to be about and frankly that is what made this year so much of an emotional roller coaster for me. Thanks for listening. 


Here’s to a far more productive and positive 2020! And if you’re concerned about the dour nature of this post, please cheer up by checking out my VERY hopeful predictions for 2020 here!



2019: The Year The Comic Community Nearly Broke Me


Robert Willing

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