Why is Irish Colorist Ellie Wright Dynamite’s Best, Unkept Secret?


Ireland’s Echo Live interviewed Ellie Wright, a lady comics colorist from Cork who’s been doing illustrations for Dynamite titles like the series based on Bettie Page’s image, and Cassandra Peterson’s Elvira creation:


ELLIE Wright is making waves in the comic industry and earning a growing reputation internationally.

Ellie, aged 28, who graduated this year from a four-year multimedia course at Cork Institute of Technology, has been working in the comic book industry while studying full time,

Since finishing her degree her career has begun to take off.

“I am colouring four different comic books at the moment that are released every month,” Ellie said. […]

Ellie, originally from Cornwall, but living in Cork city for the last 12 years, is working on two characters with Dynamite Entertainment, Betty Page and Elvira.

“Betty Page was an American model from the 1950s known for her pin-up photos, often referred to as the Queen of Pinups.

“In her comic book series Betty gets into classified adventures set back in 1951 Hollywood and she must set out to solve cases.”

Elvira is taken from ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’ a 1988 American comedy horror film. “In the comic, she has become stuck in time and is on a journey through horror and history.”

Ellie described the characters as feisty women, taking on ‘The Boss’ role and always getting into trouble. “It is fantastic fun working on female leading roles. I get the script every month and I love seeing the different scenarios the characters get themselves into.”

I’m sure we can all guess why US papers aren’t giving women like her any attention. A woman who’s got no issues working on projects where a woman is hot doesn’t fit into their loathsome PC narrative. IMO, Wright made some great choices for what to work on, that clearly please plenty of ladies and gents alike in the audience, and best of all, are produced by sources other than the Big Two.

So, there you have another lady comic developer who’s being all but overlooked by the wider press who’re too consumed by social justice obsessions to take notice. The series Wright’s working on, from what I can tell, are well worth the price of admission.



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