Trailer Reaction: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Trailer 2)

Trailer Reactions from the Multiverse!


Well, the first Spider-Man: Far From Home POST-Endgame Trailer has just dropped. It gives us a better context to where it fits in the MCU and tells us the a lot more about what this movie will be about, but most importantly it introduces a concept I’ve been waiting for them to do in the MCU for a long time! THE MULTIVERSE! YEAH!


This may also explain why Mysterio is (or appears to be) a good guy too! Here’s my hot-take reaction to this newest trailer and what I think about my final guaranteed-to-see Marvel Movie (meaning from now on they have to EARN my butt in the theater)!


Trailer Reactions from the Multiverse: Spider-Man: Far From Home: Trailer 2

Robert Willing

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