What Now? Titan Comics’ Robotech Series Ended With Issue #25


The original Robotech TV series from the 1980s was an American adaptation of three separate Japanese animes: Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada. Carl Macek, the creator of the show, used the plot element Protoculture to link these three series together. The Titan Comics Robotech series started by going along the original series timeline fairly closely, but increasingly diverged as time went on. As discussed in prior reviews, writer Simon Furman started to introduce a few characters, from the later two seasons of Robotech into the timeline dedicated to the first. 


The Event Horizon five issue miniseries saw a confluence of all three seasons characters and story arcs which finally came to an end in issue 25. At the end of the issue, Titan management tells us that Robotech will be continuing with another writer in the future, but we are not left with any hint of where this new writer may be going storewise. Which does leave us to wonder exactly who is to be the main characters of the story going forward. 


Robotech Comic #24 ends all storylines elements from the original series

Preston Poulter

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