Titan Comics Announces Creative Team for Upcoming Conan Series

During the Conan the Barbarian 90th Anniversary panel at Comic-Con International over the weekend, Titan Comics announced that Jim Zub will write their upcoming Conan comic. Zub has plenty of history with the character, having written the character at Marvel. Zub’s run will launch with a story during  in May of 2023.


Zub revealed the news on his blog with the following to say. 


When I co-wrote the Conan-Red Sonja mini-series back in 2015, I put my all into it because I thought that would be my one and only chance to write the original sword & sorcery legend.

When I co-wrote Conan in Avengers: No Road Home, I wrote it like it was my last chance.

When I wrote Conan: The Gambler in Savage Sword of Conan, I wrote it like it was my last chance.

When I wrote Conan: Serpent War, I wrote it like it was my last chance.

When I took over Conan the Barbarian at Marvel, again, I gave it my all and wrote it like it was my last chance.

(You’re noticing a pattern here.)

Now, as announced at the SDCC Conan panel, I’m the flagship writer on Titan’s new CONAN THE BARBARIAN series with a Free Comic Book Day story and first issue arriving May 2023.

I’m still giving it everything I’ve got. Get ready for something special.


He also shared via preview art that Rob de La Torre would be a part of the creative team for Titan Comics’ upcoming series, which is set to debut on Free Comic Book Day 2023. 




Marvel Comics let the Conan license lapse after having only reprinted about half of their back issue content, including Savage Sword of Conan and Conan the King. Titan Comics announced in May that they  partnering with Heroic Signatures (a subsidiary of new Conan owner Funcom) to release new comics and collected editions in May 2023. Titan will publish new Conan projects as well beginning next year, including a new Conan the Barbarian monthly series and several limited series focused on other Robert E. Howard-created characters like Solomon Kane and Dark Agnes. 

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