Theories from the Multiverse – Flashpoint Batman is Back?!?

Welcome to the start of yet another series of videos. This one should be a goodie. I’m calling this Theories from the Multiverse! Where I’ll be coming up with wacky theories to explain where ongoing stories may be going based on what I believe to be evidence. Could my speculations be wrong? Most likely, but this is just for fun and isn’t speculating what comic fans like us do?




For the inaugural episode we will be looking at Tom King’s recent twist in Batman #60 where it appears that the Batman from Flashpoint, Thomas Wayne, is not only back BUT working for Bane to break his son! HOW? WHY? These questions and more are what I’ll be asking.


So join me as I theories how this could have happened!


Flashpoint Batman is Back?? - Theories from the Multiverse


Robert Willing

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