The Next Great Threat to The Avengers Will Be – Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is about to become the Avengers’ next great threat. I’m not kidding.

These are exciting times for the vigilante. Marvel’s April solicits confirm the Age of Khonshu is about to begin in Jason Aaron’s Avengers.


Originally introduced as a villain, Moon Knight morphed into Marvel’s twisted version of Batman. The son of a Jewish rabbi, Marc Spector left the Marines to become a mercenary, and a mission to Egypt brought him into contact with the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. He was blessed with a new lease of life, albeit a very loose grasp of reality.


Marvel Studios recently announced a Moon Knight series for Disney+, and naturally, the comics have responded by moving him to center-stage.

But why has Khonshu seemingly gone rogue, and how can he be defeated? It’s reasonable to assume Moon Knight will be the key, perhaps positioning him for a power-up of unprecedented proportions, and maybe even ultimately a position on the Avengers. One thing’s for sure: Moon Knight is the number one hero to watch in 2020.


via Screen Rant

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