‘The Chair’ Issues #3 & #4 Review – A Shocking Twist!

This is a spoiler free review!


Come with me as I step inside the dark mind of twisted killers in my review of The Chair from Alterna Comics. Writer Peter Simeti and artist Kevin Christensen subvert everything that readers have come to expect with these issues and as a result, the story transitions from an introspective, moody narrative to a full-on psychological thriller — and it is fantastic. Truly, this issue almost feels like a new beginning.


I did not see this twist in both plot and style coming. You’ll want to read through these books multiple times. If you like dark comic books this may be the tail for you. What would you do if you were on death row in your number was up? Be prepared to see some dark images without giving away the story. If you buy the comics and enjoy them you may also want to check out the movie as well!




The Chair Issue 3 And 4 Review I A Twist That Will Shock You!

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