Superman #31 Review: Superman Is A Person, Not A Title

“The One Who Fell” part two! Thought to have been defeated long ago by Superman and his allies, the ancient Shadowbreed have returned in a horrifying new form, and Superman’s oldest ally has been assimilated into their ranks. As Jon and the besieged new Thakkramite leader search for the key that will help them defeat the creatures, Superman returns to the site of his first historic victory over the Shadowbreed in an attempt to warn the Thakkramites of the incoming threat. But Superman’s old allies kept terrible secrets from him, and both he and Jon are more vulnerable against the Shadowbreed than they know.



I’ve been enjoying the new creative team’s work (Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Scott Godlewski, Norm Rapmund, Gabe Eltaeb, and Dave Sharpe) on Superman and think the current story may be a good place for others to start reading the series. The current story is more than just a action series it is also a series that focuses on the family which makes Superman special in a time when all heroes seem to have to be single. Below, I also discuss how Superman is a person and not just a title that should be used as a marketing gimmick. 


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Superman #31 Review- Superman Is A Person Not A Title

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