Story Spotlight: Superman: True Brit

I’m back to my Elseworlds collection in today’s Story Spotlight as I want to share my thoughts with you regarding the What if… style tale of Superman Landed in Great Britain Instead of Kansas and…it’s NOT that good at all!

There are some decent ideas here but…it’s too much forced humor as Superman is more of a walking disaster who is a complete moron! Not only that but EVERYTHING he does ends up being spun by the media all out of Spite! And on top of that his parents keep on moving further and further away to hide from their son! Yeah…hilarious…


What’s sadder is the creative team involved. Kim Howard Johnson with help from John Cleese himself! Both known for their wit! But here there’s only like two or three good jokes! The ONLY saving grace is John Byrne and Mark Farmer’s artwork, otherwise this would be a complete write off! There are some good ideas here but the execution is terrible! Come and see my misery. It’s still worth a look through, but buy at your own risk or if you’re a diehard completionist!


Story Spotlight: Superman: True Brit

Robert Willing

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