Story Spotlight: Superman & Batman Generations Saga (Video)

Superman: Created in 1938
Batman: Created in 1939!

Both have had a long standing history filled with amazing fantastic adventures! But even today, they’ve hardly aged a bit. Well…how would things have gone if they, and the DC Universe as a whole, aged in real time? That is the question John Byrne asks and answers in this amazing Elseworlds tale, Superman & Batman Generations! But before that, there was another little Elseworld that kinda sorta ties into all this.

Batman & Captain America! A little Elseworlds crossover where heroes both fought against the Nazi’s during World War II was also penned by John Byrne!

After that, we got the entire trilogy of Generations stories, the first one spanning decades from 1939 through 1999 (and a skip to 2919), the second spanning 11 year jumps from 1942 through 2008, the third spanning centuries from 1925 through 2925 over 12 issues (one of which was a great two-parter).

What makes this Elseworlds story even better is how Byrne tailors the story to match each of the respective decades. For example, the 70’s and 80’s lead to very dark and traumatic events especially in Superman’s life just to name an example.

This is an amazing work that I’m thrilled to share with you all.

Story Spotlight: Superman & Batman Generations Saga

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