Story Spotlight: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

Continuing my Judge Dredd spotlight series, we take a stop off at IDW’s interpretation of the Judge. While in its own little universe, it is one of the more faithful America Produced comics of the Mega City One protector (a LOT better than the stuff DC did in the 90s)

Well during on of IDW’s annual “Cross Through” events where, after acquiring the Mars Attacks License, they had the martians invade other universes in a series of one shots. But after Greg Staples, a regular Dredd Artist, drew a variant cover with Dredd and a Martian, everyone knew this HAD to become its own thing! But instead of a one shot, it would be a 4 issue mini series!

Enter Al Ewing and John McCrea (HEY that guy from the previous video). Before coming to Marvel, Al actually WROTE for 2000AD and Dredd in particular so it only makes sense for him to tell us the tale of how Dredd Conquered the Martians!

So lets see how this tale goes as we see Mars Attacks Judge Dredd!

Story Spotlight: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

Robert Willing

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