Story Spotlight: Batman’s Elseworlds Vampire Trilogy

Time for another Elseworlds story my friends! This time we will dive into the world of the truly Dark Knight. From the Creative minds of Doug Moench and Kelly Jones we see Batman as he deals with Dracula and the rest of his forces of the undead. Is Batman Prepared to deal with such powerful foes? Well, not without some help! But is that help a gift…or a curse?

It slowly becomes the latter as Batman fights the newfound hunger he is stuck with, or cursed with. And it couldn’t come at a worse time as the Joker makes his move too! And…well I could tell you about the rest of the series but I’d rather show you instead! Watch my recount of this infamous trilogy below of what I consider to be the classic Elseworlds that has gone on to become one of the most recognized versions of the Dark Knight!

Story Spotlight: Batman: Vampire Trilogy

Robert Willing

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