Spoiler! Batman’s New Partner is Probably GAY! Will Anyone Care?


Spoilers ahoy for Batman #107!

DC Comics has revealed that a major Batman character is actually LGBTQ+.


The character in question is none other than Batman’s new partner in crimefighting, Ghost-Maker, who has remained an absolute mystery in just about every way possible — save that he trained in martial arts with Bruce Wayne in the formative years of his Batman training, and the two have a deep bond — which can quickly become a bitter rivalry.


However, in the latest issue of Batman, we do learn a bit more about Ghost-Maker’s… predilections. And it turns out, the man does not discriminate in his choice of lovers.


Batman #107 is now on sale from DC Comics. Does this news make you want to buy multiple copies?



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Karina Smitt

Not as much of a comics need more "diversity and inclusion" advocate as my girlfriend is, but we both love comic books, bacon, bourbon and hip hop. ANd yet, we still don't vote the same, so we cancel each other out, and that works perfectly in my book...