Sory DC, But the Return of Wally West’s Flash Isn’t Quite Enough


So it looks like, 2 years after the loathsome Heroes in Crisis, Wally West’s been restored to the living without being a deity as was set up earlier, as reported recently by CBR. It took place in Infinite Frontier:


The road that Wally West has been running for the last few years has been rough, to say the least. Ever since he escaped from the Speed Force at the start of DC Rebirth, he’s faced more than his fair share of trauma.

With everything going on, Wally hasn’t had much time to shine on his own since his return. But with his mentor Barry Allen passing him the baton as the Flash of the DC Omniverse again, it’s time to take a look at just what Wally’s been through and how he finally came to be in the position to set out as a hero once more.

Setting the stage for the next phase of the DC Omniverse, Infinite Frontier #0 puts Wally in a new but familiar position. After the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, there are more worlds than ever calling to be explored and charted. After receiving an offer from President Superman of Earth-23 to join the multiversal super-team known as Justice Incarnate, Barry calls Wally to the Justice League Watchtower for a very important conversation.

Knowing that he has to leave everything behind in safe hands, Barry officially passes the mantle of the Flash to his former protégé. Telling him just how proud he is of Wally for handling everything he’s been through, Barry has confidence in his successor to keep a handle on things as he explores the Omniverse, promising to be there in a flash if Wally ever needs backup.





Ah, so now, whether Barry is dead or resurrected, suddenly, after a dozen years of kicking Wally to the curb in favor of putting Barry back in the saddle with a needlessly darkened origin – effectively mocking the notion they respected what the Scarlet Speedster was all about – they now restore Wally to the position he’d inherited in the late 80s after Barry sacrificed himself in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Though it sure is coming awfully late, at a time when their business may sooner or later be coming to a close. One more fortunate thing about this restoration of Wally, however, is that those Titans members who were killed in Heroes in Crisis seem to have been finally resurrected:


Now, with Death Metal bringing his family back together and returning his victims to life, this passing of the baton effectively gives the Fastest Man Alive the clean slate promised way back in DC Universe Rebirth. With any luck, this fan-favorite Flash will finally be able run his race on his own terms.


From what I can tell, Roy Harper was resurrected. Not sure about any other veteran members who suffered the same fate. But racing on his own terms, under such a horrible editorial? No chance, and besides, there’s no telling how much longer DC will last the way it’s going now. They keep miring themselves in company wide crossovers, which has already worn thin years ago, and they’ve alienated much of the audience with their ideological pandering, which is certainly bound to continue, and it won’t be shocking if it affects Wally and Roy for the remainder of DC’s publishing. Reversing their fates was certainly welcome, but if DC hasn’t reversed their social justice pandering, it becomes moot.



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