Some Shocking Examples of Celebrity Comic Book Appearances


There’s a storied history of celebrities appearing in comics, no just as cameos, but as fully-fledged characters, especially in the US during the 1950s and 60s. Who featured the most in these often-long running series?



Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, and Alan Ladd, amongst others, were regularly showcased, but things get really interesting when you consider some of the celebrities who got their own comic books that were published in other parts of the world. For instance, in the UK, convicted pedophile Gary Glitter at one point had his own strip, as did Italian porn star (and ex-wife of Jeff Koons) La Cicciolina:

We’ve also seen Alice Cooper, Avril Lavigne, Harry Hill, Billy Connolly (‘The Big Yin’), popstar Robbie Williams, Hitler (The New Adventures by Grant Morrison), Mr T, Zidane, Senna and Woody Allen all star in their own comics, some of which haven’t stood the test of time…
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There’s also a wealth of real-life people who’ve made appearances in comic books – including Obama, Eminem, Ali, Orson Welles, the SNL cast, Kiss, Letterman, Uri Geller and many others:
Maybe we’re seeing less comics about polarizing figures because of the rise of animated series based on ‘real’ people which include The Mike Tyson MysteriesMurry Wilson: Rock and Roll DadThe Elvis & Jack Nicklaus Mysteries and Our Cartoon President (U.S. President Trump).

Elvis and Jack Mysteries Episode 1: "The Bullet Hole"

Maybe (if someone already hasn’t done it) The Spaffing Adventures of Boris Johnson could revive the genre in the UK? C’mon people!
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