Sneak Peek at Mike Baron’s Next Nexus Adventure ‘Triplets’

Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s classic hero Nexus returns in a brand new adventure for Richard C. Meyer’s Splatto Comics. Michael A. Baron has enlisted Kelsey Shannon to bring his classic creation to life in Nexus: Triplets #1



“When Richard Meyer asked me to write a three-issue Nexus series, he said he wanted something like the Mandalorian. I have never seen the Mandalorian, but I’d heard enough references to Spaghetti Westerns that I had an idea. This is Nexus as Western.”



The Squib Triplets (Squiblets) are adorable prodigies. At age five, they share an ESP link. They can communicate instantly with each other–even through black holes. When they are kidnapped, their parents appeal to Nexus. The CYNdicate took them to communicate across space and time, manipulating currencies and commodities.



Bob Squibb is on Xofluza. Lucy Squibb is on Skyrizi, a thousand parsecs away. And Shiloh is on Ozempic, an artificial world equidistant from the others. Nexus tracks them down one by one. But all is not as it seems. The CYNdicate anticipates Nexus’ involvement and has laid a trap for him.



Nexus is the Man With No Name as he travels from one remote settlement to the next.” -Mike Baron

With art by the illustrious KELSEY SHANNON, this is a 22-page adventure not to be missed! Learn more here.



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