SHOCK: Screen Rant Admits Marvel has No Idea what to do with She-Hulk


Here’s one more Screen Rant article where they admit modern Marvel doesn’t have a clue how to write up an enjoyable story spotlighting Jennifer Walters, though even this tends to be more than a bit awkward, and doesn’t clearly acknowledge the harm she underwent as a character in the past decade, all because of the bizarre rants made by David Goyer and a podcaster/video game producer both trying to virtue-signal:


And yet, sadly, the reality is that modern Marvel comics seem to have completely forgotten the differences between She-Hulk and her male counterpart. She’s “gained” a new look that emphasizes her muscles in the same manner as the Hulk, and when in Hulk form she’s lost most of her self-control and become a rage machine. Marvel’s kept the idea of She-Hulk as a sexual being – she’s actually in a relationship with Thor – but otherwise there’s now little difference between She-Hulk and the traditional Hulk. The point was stressed in Avengers #43, in which Jane Foster’s Valkyrie fought She-Hulk over the Phoenix Force and was horrified to see how out of control Jen was. “By the eye of Odin, what’s happened to you,” Jane asked. “Became a Hulk,” Jennifer replied, perfectly illustrating the complete loss of her own individuality and character. More recently, Marvel has teased an upcoming Avengers plot, “World War She-Hulk,” with the very title illustrating just how much poor Jennifer now exists only in Bruce’s shadow.



Here, it’s honestly funny they refer to Jenn as a “sexual being”, when several years ago, under Axel Alonso, her sexuality was watered down and almost entirely taken away. In any event, wouldn’t it be better if they called her a “sex symbol”? To use the term “being” actually risks what they’re supposedly against: dehumanization, to say nothing of denying her of agency. Why, now that I think of it, this article hints they haven’t strayed far from their sex-negative positions. At the end of the article, they continue with some good points, but also sugarcoat one of Marvel’s worst contributors:


The sad truth is that Marvel Comics simply doesn’t seem to know what to do with She-Hulk. The problem is likely with the current writers and editors; while this new version fits well with Jason Aaron’s current vision for the Avengers as a whole, it simply doesn’t work for She-Hulk. Marvel needs to take stock and realize their current arc simply isn’t working, and they need to find a way to reset She-Hulk into a form that celebrates her individuality rather than simply turns her into a female Bruce Banner.


More than not knowing, they don’t have any interest in writing up valid directions for Jennifer. Not even Aaron, the same guy who injected all that political propaganda into Thor when he replaced the male deity with Jane Foster several years ago (so what’s their point regarding Avengers?). Yet a reset is exactly what the MCU as a whole needs, and many of the awful stories and company wide crossovers they churned out for 2 decades or more need to be cleared away if ever the Marvel universe is to be mended. But it won’t happen under the current ownership and editors, you can be sure of that.


With all that said, there is a most valid point to make here: She-Hulk, as one of Stan Lee (and John Buscema)’s most notable creations, deserves far better than the writers and artists she’s getting now.


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