SeaDog & Codename: Killswitch Trading Card Art Contest Announced


Clint Hilinski, Mark Poulton, and Chase Poulton are conducting a talent search for one up and coming artist that identifies as a Comicsgate supporter. The winner will be offered the opportunity to draw SeaDog, Soldier 7, Crotch Rocket, Rebel and the other members of Codename: Killswitch as part of a 7 trading card set. The set is a reward in their upcoming SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch Indiegogo campaign that launches this Friday, November 1st, 2019. The only rule is they are looking for someone from the Comicsgate community that has NOT had a successful Indiegogo campaign yet.



Mark Poulton said: “I think one of the great things about the Graveyard Shift Talent Search I was a part of last year was seeing Shinobi Sasquatch‘s Cal Jameson and Monster MD‘s Von Klaus use Graveyard Shift Book II as a springboard to their own successful campaigns. I am hoping the same holds true for our SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch winner! And like the Graveyard Shift contest, this will be a paying gig! Applicants need to tweet me @koniwaves with some samples of their art using the #seadogcontest hashtag!”



Mark adds that since this project is for trading card art, sequential samples will not be needed.



The deadline to enter is midnight PST November 7th, 2019. The winner will be announced during the 2nd week of the SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch Indiegogo campaign. This should be a great opportunity to not only springboard an indie comics career, but to earn some money just in time for the holiday season.



Good luck to all who enter! You can also subscribe to Mark’s Youtube channel to get a behind the scenes look at the making of SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch!  

Chris Braly

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