Sci-Fi Classic ‘Back to the Future’ Getting Manga Makeover


It has been years since Back to the Future made its debut, but the sci-fi classic lives on to this day. Now, a new report from Japan has confirmed Back to the Future is getting a modern-day makeover, and the manga will be a must-read for fans of the movie.


The announcement went live that Back to the Future is getting a manga novelization for kids overseas. The book, which will be penned by Ichiro Omiya, hopes to bring the movie to a new younger audience. Back to the Future‘s manga will be aimed at kids in elementary and middle school, so it will be an easy read for most.


Currently, Zerogo Iwamoto is the artist tasked with drawing the novelization. While they don’t have any serialized series to their name, Iwamoto is well-known online for their fan art for series like Dynasty Warriors


And for those curious, this isn’t the first time Back to the Future has gotten a manga makeover. The artist behind One-Punch Man pitched his own follow-up to the series as a manga. Yusuke Murata is a lifelong fan of the movie, and his pitch for a sequel manga piqued interest across the board. However, the plans were sadly scrapped, and Murata has abandoned the project.



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