Robotech Remix #1 Puts the Focus on the Dana Sterling Character


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Titan Comics relaunches their Robotech series with a new writer and art team in Robotech Remix #1. The new ongoing comic series follows ‘Dana Sterling’ as the new lead character. Separated from her native timeline, she tries to get along in a world where she is fighting alongside the two people who would eventually become her mother and father. In this issue, there is a temporal disturbance and ships begin to fold in from another space-time. Might his be Dana’s ticket home?


An unknown force from a different space-time folds into the Robotech universe. Max Sterling, now Captain of the SDF-3, order Dana Sterling into a Veritech fighter to pursue these interlopers. Unfortunately for Dana, she is their target. 


The writer, Brenden Fletcher, admitted on a recent episode of the RoboSkull Podcast that he considered the character of Dana Sterling to be rather lackluster in the original series. In this series he seeks to change that, in part by making her a woman out of time. And as a character displaced from her own existence, Mr. Fletcher seeks to make her the stranger in a strange land whom readers can follow as she meets this new world that he is creating. 


Check out my video below where I go into further detail of issue #1 and share my thoughts on this new direction.


Robotech Remix #1 taps Dana Sterling to become the lead character

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