Rob Liefeld is Bringing Back One of His Oldest Creations

Artist and creator Rob Liefeld took to social media to reveal the return of one of his oldest characters – Prophet. In a Facebook post, Liefeld explained the character will return in a special 50th issue “loaded with goodies.” Liefeld was also enthusiastic about the character’s appearance outside of comic books, having read the outline for the Prophet’s upcoming feature film debut.

John Prophet first appeared in Youngblood #2 in 1992. Liefeld originally intended for the character to appear in X-Force while he was still working for Marvel Comics, but ultimately decided against it. A homeless man in World War II, Prophet is given superhuman powers as well as bloodthirsty instincts as a result of experiments from a time-traveling scientist. He is then discovered by the Youngblood team in the present day. His appearance in Youngblood ultimately led to the character receiving his own series. 


Prophet’s return couldn’t have come at a better time for Liefeld. Nostalgia for the 90’s is at an all-time high and, combined with Liefeld’s self-deprecating social media presence, has led to a re-evaluation of Liefeld’s art and a new generation of fans.

Personally I was never a fan of Liefeld or his creations. What say you?

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