Rewriting Sub-Mariner’s Story: What Marvel Wants You to Know About Namor

Marvel wants everyone ready for the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and to make that happen they have released a new 4-minute video introducing the world to Namor, Marvel’s first mutant.


Meet Namor: Marvel's First Mutant!


We know that Namor, the Sub-Mariner, will be making his live-action MCU debut in the November film as played by Narcos star Tenoch Huerta, who appears to be a Aztec-themed character, rather than Atlantis, which may be overlooked by fans that aren’t aware that Namor was one of the first heroes in Marvel Comics, actually making his debut in the pages of Marvel Comics #1 back when the company was called Timely.



He was created by Daredevil co-creator Bill Everett and appeared in the same issue with the debut of The Human Torch, the android one named Jim Hammond, not Johnny Storm. The character is also considered the first mutant as unlike his Atlantean counterparts, Namor is not blue, and he’s born with a pair of wings on his ankles that allow him to fly. Coincidentally, he also debuted a few years prior to DC Comics similar hero, Aquaman. And while the Sub-Mariner was created as a hero, he’s been portrayed as both an anti-hero and a villain over the years.



The video does a decent job of covering the character’s comic book history, but does nothing to prepare . As previously mentioned, the upcoming film is expected to make unnecessarilyy drastic changes to the character like changing the name of Namor’s home from Atlantis to the lost city of Talocan and tying his people heavily into the Aztec culture. Other than that total disconnect, the video above will get normies caught up and perhaps remind some regular comic book fans of a few things they might have forgotten.   

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