Reviews from the Multiverse: Dial H for Hero #2

On the road (in a food truck full of mayonnaise!) with the amazing H-Dial that gifts the user with a new superpower every time they place a call, teenage runaways Miguel and Summer come under attack by others who crave the power the dial offers. With cryptic calls from the “phone zone” and no one to turn to for help, the adolescent adventurers come to a breaking point, where they either must work together or lose more than just the dial.


Yes! It’s time I dive back into what I consider possibly the best of the Wonder Comics titles from DC Comics. In this second issue of Dial H for Hero! Miguel and Summer continue driving, but running away, while nothing new to Summer, is VERY new to Miguel and he can’t take it so he tosses the Dial…wow already?


Also in this issue, we find out who the Thunderbolt Club is! (Spoilers) It’s a bunch of former dialers who want to use it one more time! And one of these members gets a hold on it and, without giving too much away already, we get not one but TWO Anime Throwbacks that duke it out as Miguel embraces what he has to do! A lot happens here and, the best part, it all makes sense! Sam Humphries and Joseph A Quinones Jr. are really firing on all cylinders with this title. I want to tell you all about it in my latest video review!


Reviews from the Multiverse: Dial H for Hero #2

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